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carbon fibre ski poles

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looking for some strong lightweight ski poles that won't bend, I was checking out some goode but found the kerma has a lighter swing weight & I like the way the straps attach to the grips, problem is what model would be best verses cost, I can get the banshee pro for about 90.00, if this pole would be about indestructable that would work, anyone had good or bad experiences with these poles.
thanks bteddy
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I have skied with Goode for the past 12 years. Only one pole has ever broke and that was to my stupidity. The interlock system is great, where the glove clips right into the pole.
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Take a look at ICE poles, a bit heavier, but bullet proof.

I've broken a few paris of Goodes and Scott carbon/graphite poles.
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ICE did make good poles, been using them for 5yrs now without breaking one. they're out of business now though.
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Here's another vote for the ICE poles. I've had mine (CIGARS) for the past three seasons and they've been bombproof!
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fez, I didn't know that ICE was out of business. They are still very easy to find out here, but they were made in Park City.
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i think a buddy of mine single handedly put them out. He used their poles for a while and broke a pair probably twice a season. The last time he called up, he got no answer for a while, then investigated further and found they were out of business.

So if you're still seeing them, you may want to pick up a few pairs.

I could use a pair, 48"
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i have used kerma poles for the past two years, i love them, light weight, bend when needed and work very well in powder. i have a pair of kerma scorpions now, they were like $70 or so, and are very good for thier price, had a pair break and company was great and gave me a new pair for free, so no complants on the kermas, good luck
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I broke an ICE Solid a couple years ago, chopped it off during a twister (OOPS!).

Poles break or bend, it's a fact of life. Just don't pay more than $50 a pair, which is enough for a very good pole, if you know where and when to look.
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fez, you want me to pick a pair up for you next time I see some?
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