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Wax question

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Living in the NE, I change waxes often. Initial ski prep is 2 coats of "Base Prep", hot-scraped, followed by my wax-of-the-day. I iron, (Wax Mouse), cool, scrape, and brush.
Is there a time when I should use the Base Prep and hot-scrape to "clean" and start fresh?
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Probably not a bad idea to do that once in a while. It will pull a lot of crud out of the base. Skiing in the east you pick up grease from lifts, snow cats, snow guns, etc, along with pine sap and other random stuff. Brush the bases a lot too and scrub with fiber tex. Then rewax.
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I just use a good all temp. wax like Dominator HyperZoom, and wax when the bases look dry. You don't need to spend that much time waxing your skis. Unless your a top level racer, it realy doesn't matter. If it's realy cold I'll add some of the HX07 cold powder but that is because I have it left over from when the kids were racing.
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You may want to more often in the spring. I always hot scrape after skiing salted slopes.
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