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Ski-Binding Integration

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I have recently ben looking for a new set of high end slalom skis, and ive been a little dissapointed with the ski-binding integration that the manufacturers have been doing. For example Rossi/Look and Volkl/marker. What do you guys think of this?

Ive always been a tyrolia/salomon man when it came to bindings and it really does restrict the choices. I was going with the volkl/marker P60 SC Race combo but that fell through. My next choice would be the rossi viper STX except it comes with the weird look binding and nothing else. Has anyone fitted any other binding to this?

Any other skis out there that are comparable to these?
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That funny looking Rossi/Look binding is arguably the best performing binding on the market. Do a search of the forums to see the previous discussions on this topic. The Look/Rossi pivots are standing up very well to the scrutiny of people in this forum who know a thing or two about bindings.


But I agree that ski/binding integration is a pain in the ass as it restricts your choice of ski if you have a preferred binding. It is a fad which I think will get worse before it gets better, once people start retiring their skis with th pivot/motion systems they will find they have a binding which can only fit on one brand of ski.
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You're in the market for a short slalom? Try:

Atomic SL9:
Peter Keelty's '03 Rec Slalom of the Year, and the '02 Ski of the Year in slightly different trim. If you aren't a fan of Atomic bindings, then Atomic race skis are pretty much out. I'm not really a fan of the bindings, but I don't dislike them enough not to ski Atomic. A truly great ski.

Fischer World Cup SC:
I've heard a lot of very good things about this ski from a lot of different sources. Undrilled lifter means binding brand is up to you. I plan on demoing it at Whistler if I get the chance. Might even sneak a pair home if I think I can get them past the wife.

I'd really suggest demoing before you buy. While every manufacturer is making really good race-oriented skis now, there are differences. You may prefer a 15 meter radius over a 12 meter radius, or a stiffer ski over a softer ski. Until you ski them, you probably won't know. If demoing isn't an option, Peter Keelty's site has what I consider the best ski reviews out there. They will at least help you narrow your options.
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As always, I will first add my disclaimer that I pro-rep for Fischer and Marker. Alaska Mike has mentioned two great short slalom skis. They are very, very similar in their performance. I have to give the edge to the Fischer WC SC simply due to the fact that I am uncomfortable on the Atomic binding.

A third ski to try is the Elan Hyper SCX. Elan makes a great product, however, they are tough to find and I would be a little concerned about the warranty.

Fischer is great about any problems with their products.

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Elan's warranty is only for one year on the race skis... but they do honor it
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I think the horse has been flooged enough. He's dead already, and actually was dead before the flogging commenced.

The integration is here to stay. pick a ski for how it perfroms for YOU. The ski is designed to perform best with a certain binding. Deal with it.

This past spring was my chance to test different brands. The Volkls were a tad unnerving, since I could shake the ski off just standing still with it cranked. They all used Markers (duh).
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Ive had the same problem with the volkl/marker setup. I do remedy it by setting the foreward pressure way up beyond the safe limit... just to where i can barely get my boot into the binding - several clicks up. After this is done i have never released out of them, but i dont know if that is a good thing. Not that it matters really, cuz they are deffinitly not my weapon of choice.
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