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Advice on a new pair

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So I've been doing some research lately trying to find the right skis and I came across this site. It seems like a great resource for tons of information. But anyways, seeing as there are apparently many very knowledgeable people on here, I was hoping I could hear some advice or recomendations.

I am 18 (5'11'', 140.... but growing) and I've been skiing for about 6 years. Right now I own a pair of K2 freedoms (had them for a couple seasons, they're a real basic intermediate ski). I'm not in any hurry, I'm looking for skis really for next season that I can get this spring/summer. My problem is that I'm not real sure of my level. I mean, I can ski most anything here in the mid-atlantic. I get bored on blues halfway through the day and start testing the blacks. I was just out in Tahoe last month and I was able to hit all but the most challenging blacks at Northstar. In addition, I loved running through the trees and skiing on fresh powder for the first time. Now, I think part of it is that I'm young and unafraid of these blacks, so I don't consider myself necesarrily at that level. But I no longer slide my way down them, I'm taking them with more speed and trying to make some nice tight turns. From all of this I guessed I would look for an all-mountain ski (knowing I ski mostly groomed trails, but hoping I can see some powder once a season), and I have looked at the K2 Apache X, the Omni 5.5, or the Dynastar SkiCross 9. I'd like to get a good pair I can keep for a while, but am I looking at skis that are too expensive/advanced?

Any thoughts or advice would be great so I can know where to start and what I should try to demo. Thanks in advance.

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Head iC 160. The most versatile and well made skis that I've ever been on. Good for everybody between lower intermediate to low level expert. Crud, ice, bumps, it does it all. And you can find them for cheap money.
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Also look at the Volkl 724 EXS, slightly narrower and more forgiving than the 724 Pro, a good advanced-intermediate ski.
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