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Anyone have any insight to what Telluride is like about now?

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Skied it on Saturday, and both days the weekend before. The coverage is better than it has been the last 4 years. Skied places on Gold Hill that have never been good since they put the lift up there. The north facing high stuff like the Stairs, Kant-Make-M, Plunge, Log Pile, Zulu, Silver Glade, Little Rose are still winter snow and were excellent. The 30" they got two weeks ago filled in the bumps nicely. A little hard (by Rky. Mt. standards), but very carvable. Anything in the sun was very stiff in the morning and then softened after lunch because it was sunny. If it doesn't snow before you get there, or if it's not sunny while you are there, the intermediate stuff will be very hard. They are supposed to be getting two more small storms within the next 6 days. There were no lift lines whatsoever. Send me a PM if you want more specific info.
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Ditto above. We have some snow in the forecast for the next couple of days as well. The skiing is great, especially in light of what many are going through this season at other resorts. I will be skiing in the morning and you can PM me as well for an update if you'd like.
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cool. thanks guys. My group will converge on Telluride Saturday for a week stay. It's raining here in SF today. We'll try to bring the weather with us. It's a pretty cold storm!

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I'll be skiing t-ride from Feb 20th to the 23rd...if anyone's gonna be there then...
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