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Saturday I skied the 10ex for the first time at Solitude. 4 inches of fresh snow over hardpack (and I mean hard, as in refrozen, cut up spring snow). Well, I was flabbergasted how LIGHT, FLOATY and FAST they were. My two pals were on 10.20's and Xscreams. Very illuminating seeing how much higher a fat ski rides. Long and short turns were effortless, and the ski starts planing (floating) from a standstill almost immediately. Even held a good edge on the hardpack, but hard work to me. Not great in moguls or tight, bumped out chutes, but neither am I. Sunday at Snowbird I skied my XX's, with another 3 inches or so of new snow, figuring Saturday's snow would be packed out. It wasn't and wished I had brought the 10ex. Pretty darn amazing how versatile fats are, as many of you have been saying. I'd ski them over my XX's any time there's more than a couple inches of new snow.<FONT size="1">

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