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Metron B5 Problems

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Based on the outstanding feedback from many Epic members, I gave the new Metron B5's a try and they exceeded my expectations. Absolutely blew away all other skis I demo'd this season. I demo'd them again last Sat and Sunday at Vail and decided to get a pair. Finally tracked some down this past week (finding them was not easy). I skied them yesterday at Vail and was disappointed. The skis were adequate but did not have they dazzling performance of the previous weekend especially on the hard snow. I tried different things throughout the day to try to get back to the exceptional performance I remembered. I moved the binding position from forward to center and this helped some. I took a stone to the edges and this may have helped but frankly, I was bummed that the ski wasn't as fun as it was although I must admit the conditions were not great as it hasn't snowed in Colorado for weeks. The B5's really struggled for me on the hard snow where I thought they performed admirably the week before.

One peculiar observation that I wanted some feedback on. At the end of the day as I was putting the skis together, I noticed they had NO camber. In fact, when I pinched the waist the tips bowed out a bit. I put some elastics on the brakes to see if the brakes were causing this and still no camber. Interestingly, today some of the camber is back although much less than what you normally see.

Questions - should the camber effect the skis performance. Is it possible to bend these skis this quickly? I didn't ski the bumps very hard at all but I swear one of the tips looks bent. Any of the B5 owners have similar problems or was I just having a bad day?

Finally, should new skis be tuned before they are used? I was under the impression most of the manufactures set them up so they are ready to go. Thanks for your help!
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Questions - should the camber effect the skis performance. I have 4 pairs of almost new skis that are bent(no camber).......worhtless except for soft snow.
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It might be the tune. I've never had a problem with the Atomic factory tune before, but you never know. Get out a true bar and check the edge and base angles. I've found that the base bevel to be absolutely critical in how a ski feels and performs. Too little and it's hooky, too much and you'll have no grip on the hardpack. If in doubt, take it back to shop you got it from and get them to check the angles for you.
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I've seen several pairs of B:5's this year with small cracks over the exposed beta-lobes. In one case, the shop owner became visibly alarmed when he saw the cracks. These are obvious manufacturing flaws. Perhaps the QC on this ski isn't what it should be.

If you have an unmatched bend in one ski, forget it! If this is the case, you've either bent a ski or received a bad set of boards. Time to check the warranty!
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I haven't heard of a problem with QC and the MB5's, but my experience with Atomic is that they do stand behind their product. Have your shop take a look at them. I ski mine all over the mountain in all conditions, including hard bumps, and they are great. Not that they can't be bent or broken.

Hard snow hold is really well, above what one would expect from a ski this wide. If the shop tuned them up then this could be the problem. You should find that they ski just like your first experience. Later, RicB.
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