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My rossi wc gs composite poles are nice, carbon/kevlar I think. They are on their website, you can see some of the guys on the WC using them (a couple). They are strong as hell and don't bend, except when I broke one after falling on it in moguls (ends were on top of moguls, my body fell in the middle). Rossi sent me a new one free of charge when I took it back to the shop. I told them that they broke when I was using them to release DH bindings, (obviously bs, but it happened to a friend of mine). They just sent them to rossi.

My slalom poles are leki alums, wc sl or something like that. They take a beating, as I fall a LOT in slalom. They haven't bent or broken despite falling on top of them many times, lots of scratches from my edges but w/e. I like the idea of the swix mach gt1 slalom poles, but I'm afraid I would screw them up too much if I actually raced/trained them. Leki pole guards are nice too lol, good for tree branches as well as sl gates imo.