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Footbed question

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I have two nice things to say.

First, I am going to have my skiing vocation next week.
Second, recently I’ve gotten a pair of fantastic skis Volki P50 motion. I feel we are in love, although so far I got a chance to try them on local “bunny slope “ only.

Now, not so nice thing.

My 10 y. old ski boots obviously do not match with new skis. Unfortunately, there is no more place for ski boot upgrade in our family’s ski gear investment program in this year. That’s to be postponed for the next season. However, I would coupe with investing into footbed (I didn’t have any before).

Does it make sense to buy footbed before ski boots? If yes, will it influence a choice of ski boots? Shell I bring footbed with me when shopping for ski boots? Any other aspects of that problem.
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get the footbeds, They will transfer to any new boots you get in the future. My Superfeet Custom Korks are 17 years old and have been through 3 pairs of boots now. Some of the other bears have mentioned many more pairs of boots.

When you start looking for new boots, bring the footbeds with you and don't forget to pull out the stock liners before you put your custom footbeds in.

Work with the thinnest socks that you can. I prefer polypro socks but mainly because I'm alergic to wool. the new Hi quality marino wool socks are rated pretty good too.

Good luck..
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Thanks for advice.
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So you are in love with your skis, and you never skied them...wow. I hope that doesn't prove to be a disappointment.

It's like seeing a women for the first time, and her looks drive you crazy, until she says something, and you realize that is all she is, is the "looks," with nothing between her ears. You think,"What a waist!"

Next time, get the boots first with footbeds, and rent skis until you can afford them.

When you do get your new boots,get them aligned as well.
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Hei wink!

Even on the local hill (couple hundred meters long with drop about a hundred meters) it was possible to feel a difference with any other ski I have tried before. Never experienced such a smooth feeling on skis. I believe it is because of even ski flex beneath integrated motion bindings. Of course, I have to try them on decent speed yet. Initial impressions were just great.

As for advice upgrade boots first, in theory you are right but end season sale madness may make some adjustments to any theory.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by wink:
You think,"What a waist!"


Was that a very deliberate and funny pun?
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