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How's SLC Mid April

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I've never been.....

Specifically Snowbird/Alta? Is much of the hill open?

Are they still open? Shuttle service from hotels still working? Am interested in a possible LATE season trip. Or is an early season trip a better plan?

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Alta usually closes the third weekend of April, Snowbird in May.
Alta is usually completely open. Snowbird has closed Tiger tail/ Baby Thunder by then. It's usually good, but if you can watch the weather and pick your weekend at the last minute, then it can be really good. Canyon Transport runs year round, but perhaps a reduced schedule.
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>Is much of the hill open?

I would think ALL of the hill would be open on an average year. 1st look at the #'s. Go to alta.com and look at snowfall history. Jan, Feb, Mar all get about 90" inches average. April is 73". I would think most of that is in the 1st 20 days of the month. Those April spring storms and instability bring rain most places in the US, but for the Little Cottonwood it is snow. I always remember being there in March and it was a bit warm, there was some precip coming and the local resort guy told me, don't worry, it's not going to rain at the bird in March. It doesn't happen.(i'm sure it has, but not that often).

Last year my last trip stretched into April 2nd. Typical for Snowbird, myself and my 3 kids were skiing in BLIZZARD conditions on our bird day. It was kinda of crazY! at times. On our last day at Brighton it was clear and cold and the snow was just FINE. Not springlike whatsoever. On our day at Snowbasin I was still finding some nice powder on top, but the bottom was starting to deteriorate and get a bit wet, but still quite fine, and they were closing the one gondola, but not because of snow.

So according to the odds, i think you'll be fine. And it would not be unlikely for you to have an awesome powder day. Most likely it'll be in the upper 30's, lower 40's at noon. mid mountain. warm and slow on the bottom, up top should be fine. I would think that on average, conditions are "generally" optimum until April 1st, then they slowly deteriorate.
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The first time I skied in Utah it was during April a few years ago. The conditions were better at Brighton in April then during the coldest week back here at home. Man I need to move to Utah!
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Check the alta/snowbird websites-their seasonal closures are determined by contract with the national park service NOT snow cover (and Alta is kind of early). Truthfully, especially in light of this season (or any season really) so far-Tahoe is the place for spring skiing (Mammoth will rule even in mid-june).

The drier, awesome snow of the wasatch which is incomparable in Februaury tends to go "south" alot quicker than the moisture laden base of the Sierra's once the days get longer and warmer.
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Spring Conditions in the Cottonwood Canyons are very good that time of year. March can bring some of the biggest storms of the season. due to the fact that the resorts are in Canyons and for the most part norther facing they tend to keep The snow and keep it in good condition. While The Resorts around Park City, Snowbasin and even Powder Mountain get to much sun and condition go down hill fast. The LCC BCC are still holding up. As others have said Alta has a closeing date set by thier lease. However in the past if it is a banner snow year and the conditions are right they will stay open for at least another week.
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Have to agree with Liam. Squaw late season: steep slopes + soft snow = ego skiing.
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Originally Posted by Liam
Check the alta/snowbird websites-their seasonal closures are determined by contract with the national park service NOT snow cover (and Alta is kind of early).
The closest lift-serviced skiing inside a national park that I'm aware of is Yosemite. However, I'm aware of a whole bunch of lift-serviced skiing within national forests.

A few years back I skied Snowbird (tram and Little Cloud lifts) on July 4. And it was snowing. Snowbird will stay open as long as the snow and the crowds hold (weekends only). That said, I would agree that the snow coverage in the more maritime climate of California makes for more consistent spring skiing conditions. On the other hand, I shoveled a bunch of sierra-like snow the first of this month so who knows? Last year, March was a bust with warm temps and few storms. If you can wait until the first of March before making your decision, you might be better informed.
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Alta's closing day last year was a powder day. Something like 10 inches IIRC.
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April in Utah is a little known Gem.
you can ski in the Am and golf in the afternoon.
As said above, Snowbird will be open into May ( this year maybe July!) and Alta closes the 3rd weekend ofApril per Forrest service lease ( I believe)
When Brighton and SOlitude close it is from lack of buisness, not lack of snow.
Slopeside hotel rates go down immensely in April, in my case a standard room price drops from $230 TO $180 a night.
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