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cost to ski SLC

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i was going to put this in the thread from the guy from whistler who paid $2,000.

Here is what i paid for SLC from Philadelphia. (last weekend of Feb)

$224 - Round trip on Delta - leave PHL at 7am on THurs, waiting for FREE afternoon lift ticket at 12:30. That's what i paid for last weekend in Feb. Back sunday on late afternoon flight, i think it leaves 4:30pm, (good day for Powder Mtn)
$125 - Lift tickets were $42 a day at hotel - and 1st 1/2 day is free - GOD BLESS AMERICA, what a wonderful place. Okay, i skied Park City, the top lift was fine, but as always my buds were playing in the powder on the other side of the hill at Alta. Are Alta and Park City on different planets???
$115 - La Quinta in Sandy - $70nt divided by 2. 3 nts.nice place, good FREE breakfast, waffels, etc, lots of dinner restaraunts nearby.
$80 - 4 days divided by 2, rental car, Subaru with 4 wheel drive, cheap and makes it up the little cottonwood.
$550 - TOTAL from Philadelphia.
Add lunch and dinner. That covers it!!!!! Lunch at Snowbird SUCKS!! I like the atmosphere in the upper WIldcat Alta lodge, how comes it seems like I can always remember eating there in a BLIZZARD!!!!! Snowbasin - now that is what i call a good lunch!!
And i know i have been lucky, but it seems like the last 10 trips, i have always had awesome conditions, with plenty of snow, and usually new snow, if not feet of it. But i do remember 2 bad yrs in SLC many years ago.

$2,000??? for whistler? Hope a girl comes with that?
But saying that, I skied Whistler a few years ago, 3 or 4, good conditions, but no new snow. nice place. nice people and lifestyle!!! <g>420
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Yeah Glenn, I'm with you on the cheap SLC deals! I did something almost identical to your trip only my flight from DC was a little cheaper, got the rooms at LaQuinta through the SouthWest website for $40 a night, didn't rent a car and instead hooked up the Utah Super Pass for $42 which INCLUDES the bus service, bought some beer at the market next door and chilled in the room. If somebody could've rolled with me then I'd split the cost of the room. Still, flights to SLC are dirt cheap, rooms in Sandy or Midvale are bargain basement low and if you can handle the bus, you've got the extreme ski trip - extreme bargain thing going. Now when I go with my wife, we're staying in Ogden in a Hampton in where we can use accumulated points through a credit card deal so that'll be free lodging. Got the $99 SouthWest deal out of B'more, used the entertainment guide to get cheap rental car and we'll purchase lift tickets at Canyon Sports. Is it any wonder why Utah is the SH!T for awesome skiing at the best prices!?! Man, I love it out there.
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GLENCZ, I enjoyed your trip accounting. It perfectly reflects my feelings about SLC. If you don't care about the "resort experience" of staying in a little mountain ski town setting, and having great apre ski experiences, you cannot beat SLC. It is the anti-resort experience, but consequently it can be super cheap. You can stay at a Super 8 or any grade motel you want, and eat good food at big city (as opposed to captive customer resort) prices. You have Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton, Park City all within an hour drive. Pick the one you want after you call the combo-ski report each morning. I stayed at the Cottonwood in Sandy (a Best Western) at Thanksgiving. You can get a ticket at the desk for $45 for any one of the above named resorts, and it includes a two way shuttle bus ride. That gives you a Tram pass at the Bird that is $59 at their ticket window, and lesser savings at the other resorts. Go to Ski & See Sports, or Smiths grocery store for discount tickets if your motel doesn't have them. Our motel had a killer buffet breakfast that allowed us to just have a power bar for lunch on the chair. Only meal we paid for was dinner, and those Mormons may not drink but they love to go out to eat, so there are tons of great family priced restaurants.

If your priority is skiing powder and not partying, go for the goods in SLC. The Great Salt Lake never freezes, so it adds 15-20% to every dump in the Cottonwood Canyons. Every time I do the 6 hour drive to hit a big dump I end up on the chair with someone from Boston or NYC that caught a 5:00 a.m. flight and was skiing Alta that afternoon. You don't have to pay resort prices if you don't stay at a resort. Use the savings to stay and ski more days. Powder to the People!
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>only my flight from DC was a little cheaper,
boo, what a braggard, now i feel bad.
>didn't rent a car and instead hooked up the Utah Super Pass for $42 which INCLUDES the bus service
car?, no car?, do i pay for the 4 wheel? last two trips i was able to get a 4 wheel drive subaru for cheap, was it avis or thrifty? supposedly you have to get it at the desk.

what to do when it dumps and the road is closed, when will it open, you just know it is worth at least an hour wait at the bottom, but i've been on that bus, and i'll pass on that one. plus we FOUND Snowbasin last year and that is worth a day out of our 4.

>extreme ski trip - extreme bargain thing going
i know the guys probably get sick of hearing about SLC. But SLC to me is heaven on earth for skiing, easiest to get there, we ALWAYS ski 1/2 on our way out and back.
And nothing beats Snowbird in my mind for skiing. Key to the bird - just keep going sideways, follow the tracks to nowhere, hit the steep pitch, and then sideways again, you can get 5-10 or more awesome pitches down that hill, and find all kinds of stuff. And then when you add Little Cloud Bowl, which to me is the most beautiful place on earth.
>Man, I love it out there.
The best terrain,(STEEP) best selection of resorts with 1 hr, best snow conditions, best in and out airport, cheapest costs...and let us not forget NO RUNOUT. NONE. NONE. Steep top to bottom, me and my good pal hit Peruvian for all it's worth till they kick us off at 4:30. Okay, the nightlife sucks! and the skiing ambience isn't really much down in Sandy, but at this stage, who cares?

but hey, there are other places to ski, Jackson Hole is awesome and has to be done, Colo-why is that airport so far away??? wish it was easier to hit Telluride and Purgatory and some of the other ones i need to get to. Was at Vail, sorry not too impressed. Front face is all blues mostly. The back bowl is fine, but alot of it not really steep, with alot of run out if i remember correctly, doesn't that face south? the other bowl, forget the name, fine but lots of trees, and i have no problem with trees but who needs them?
Whistler - nice, but hard to get to, and see above...
Taho - absolutely! next year with the kids, and i think i can ski 1st 1/2 day at Mt Rose from east coast. Was there >10 years ago, great, that lake is so beautiful. And God knows Squaw is STEEP.
>Is it any wonder why Utah is the SH!T
oh yeah.
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lets see - plain jane, good cook, ok sex, will be a great mom OR superhot, great sex, shops a lot, will make an ok mom. Who do I marry?

Like other things in life - it is very difficult to compare 2 things in life. SLC vs Whistler. Both are very different in terms of the experience. if you are going for the whole skiing/apres-ski experience - whistler cannot be beat. this year may not be much of an issue as whistler is having a bad snow year. But other wise - why not do both - why suffer through inumerable comparisons. something you can't do with my first example.
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that's why i like you ski guys! you know what it's all about!!!
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Just wondering if you guys can give more information about staying in SLC or near SLC and uses the bus system (Super pass)

If I use the super pass, then I do not need a rental car, and will be able to get to Alta. So do you stay at a hotel near the SLC International airport? Or is there some other area to stay that will make using the bus system easier. Do I take the bus or some other shuttle to the hotel if I am not staying near the airport?
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Try www.skiutahlocals.com It lists all of the hotels that are on the superpass. I believe part of the reason that they are on the superpass is that they are close to public transportation which cna get you to the hills (BTW it is 4 mountains: Brighton, Solitude, Alta and Snowbird which use the super pass.) I would try calling the individual hotels for detail-phone numbers are listed.
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The price for 2 friends and I leaving Saturday the 29th for a week. $250 each for a week at Extended stay america in Midvale(we each have our own rooms). $217 each RT from Virginia Beach, Va on Delta and will take advantage of the free half day. Average of $50 a day for lifts since we'll be skiing all over the place including one of the Park City resorts and $195 including taxes for 4 wheel drive GMC envoy. If conditions are decent and with a little planning SLC can't be beat. And I've been there six times in the last 20 years not including the one year I likved there and was introduced to the greatest snow & sport on earth
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I found this: $210 for 3 day skiing (using arrival day free ticket) + 3 night lodging + all transportation.


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another place you can swing a deal like that is Lake Tahoe. I did 4 days skiing there last year with 5 night hotels and flight from Boston to Reno for roughly $500/person.
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Flying delta direct to slc (from EWR), staying in the Sandy Best Western, Renting with Enterprise, Buying all lift tickets at the local ski shop where they're all deeply discounted and eatinmg downtown at the Blue iguana (food is the biggest problem in SLC) and staying 5/4 cost me $730 last february-two day weekend at little Mt. Snow costs over a grand-Is this a hard Choice???
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Glenn, that deal you got on the flight is awesome and when I went last year from DC the flight wasn't direct. America West is the most damn uncomfortable airline I ever flew. Looking for deals this year? Try out Sidestep.com - I've seen prices well under 200 from DC and Charlotte. I agree about the rental car thing. Sure I like to save a buck when I can but I was rolling solo last year and just didn't care about certain amenities. At least with a small group you can split the costs. Nice "discovery" of Snowbasin, eh? That is definitely one of my favorites as well.
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