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Atomic SX-10

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Had an opportunity to ski the Atomic SX-10 in the 170cm length all weekend. I understnd the skis to be all mountain, mid-fat. The conditions were -10C to -17C (6F to 0F), lots of cut up powder, and by afternoon, some runs had scraped off slick spots with powder/crud in piles. There were lots of people having yard sales. In short a beautiful, hero snow morning, and yard sale conditions for the afternoon. Me? Male, 51 yrs, aggressive competent skier about 5'11 and 185 lbs.

My reference ski - my own Volkl 6* 168cm. The original '03 version, which some folks say has too small a sweet spot. However, I prize it for its superior ice handling, its lightening quickness, and its superior carving ability.

In cut up powder, I say the SX-10 absolutely rocks. It feels significantly softer than my Volkl 6*, which is a good thing for turning the skis in soft conditions. On my 6*, I had to apply significant pressure to get the edges down into the hard pack underneath in order to feel the skis responding and bending. The SX-10 bends and turns in nice smooth arcs with only the slightest of pressure.

The SX-10 turns a nice arc, but it doesn't feel as precise as that from a 6*. This is not a negative, because few skis I ever encountered can do small radius and med radius turns with as much precision as a 6*. Overall, it did not feel as fast or as tight as the 6*, but perfectly adequate. Its superior stability and performance in variable conditions and soft conditions more than makes up for any shortcoming, although I don't consider any of what I said shortcomings.

It was great in the bumps as well, as the softer shovel is much more operater friendly than my 6*. I like them in the bumps, but I ski them gently and don't bash them like the kids on the freestyle team. However, it is not as quick edge-edge as the 6*, but perfectly adequate. Overall, if the moguls are iced up and hard, I think the 6* would have performed better for me. However, the variable condition moguls that I found over the weekend was perfectly suited for the SX-10's.

SX-10's also have a nice strong kick from the tails... but what else is new? I am used to Volkls, which kicks along with the best of 'em.

Overall, I am seriously contemplating these skis, although my 6*'s are hard to give up. I especially recommend them to competent all mountain skiers, especially if they are in the mindset of a 1 ski quiver. Very versatile skis. I like them. I had a blast on them. They even do a nice gliding wedge, wedge christies, and such.
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The SX10 is not an all mountain mid-fat with a 65mm waist. Your 6 stars are more capable of varied conditions than the SX10
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