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Vail Ski Conditions??

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I need a ski conditions update for Vail and Summit County.

I'm packing for my Vail trip on Wednesday and trying to decide which skis to bring. I have to bring the new 175cm Volant FB's because I haven't skied them yet.

I wanted to bring my other fatties as well (K2 AK Enemies 188cm) so that I could compare the two. I figured I could get by with these 2 pairs for the week in almost any conditions, and that there would be some fresh snow and or/crud. But it looks now like there hasn't been any new snow in about 3 weeks, so do I bring along my Intuitiv 74's and dump one of the fat skis?
Do I stick with the 2 fatties and demo something else if I need a carving/bump ski? Or do I bring all 3 in my humongous ski bag and take a risk of getting spanked for overweight baggage (it's ~65 lbs)?

I'm all verklempt over this right now. If y'all would just get some snow, it would sure help me out!
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Your observations are correct. We haven't had much in a while. I'd suggest demo some carvers, bring your fat skis and pray for snow.

Depending on how long you're out here you *might* get some good snow. See: http://www.snowforecast.com/coloradofcst/vail.html Looks like the storms won't really start till late next week and into February.
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So are you skiing decent packed powder out there, or are we talking hardpack and icy spots right now?
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I havent been to vail, but I have been up to copper/breckenridge a few times recently.

Its packed powder/corn with some ice in the mornings (west coast "ice"- not ICE)

All predictions are for storms to start this weekend.
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The Volant's and the fatties will get you through any conditions.

Weather reports show a chance of storms dropping in. My gut feeling is we're overdue. (Of course, I said that for the entire season last year, so take it with a grain of salt.)
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VOlants are great for all mountain..theyll rip through the vail crud...hopefully snow comes!!
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Skied Vail and the Beav just this past weekend. The locals called it ice but it was more like Eastern packed powder. The bump runs were nice with carvable snow and the groomers were hardpack with some loose snow on top. Back bowls were nice after the sun hit them for a while.

Abasin was awesome last Wednesday.was real nice packed powder and everywhere there was nice. Only about 80 people there all day. It was high speed top to bottom laps all day with some nice bump runs inbetween.

Skied Breck on Thursday and found much the same. Carvable packed powder. Even Horseshoe bowl was nice. No crowds.

Steamboat was probably the worst snow conditions. Skied there Monday and Tuesday, caught the Cowboy downhill, Wifey was happy. Good snow on the bump runs and in the trees but everything else was real hard pack and crisp. Shitty before 11 in the morning when the sun softened it. Problem was, wasn't much sun there. Yesterday morning before we left, we got in 3 hours of real nice skiing there.

Bottom line is even though the snowpack is supposed to be 120 percent of normal, they need some freshies. Looks like the middle of the week might bring some. You better hope it dumps.

Strange but nice was the lack of wind. I can't remember the last time I spent a week in Colorado that the wind didn't blow.

All in all, it was a very nice trip.
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Oh by the way, I skied my fatties on the first day and brought out the B2's, midfats, for the rest of the trip.
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Thanks all, I think I've got the picture. Sounds like I expected it to. Mediocre to good and likely to improve by this weekend. Sounds like we may have to make a trip to A-Basin for a day if things don't shape up at Vail/BC.

Whatever happens, I'll be happy since I just bought myself a new toy for the trip today - a nice SONY DSC-V3 7.2 MP digital camera. If the skiing isn't so great, I'll concentrate on snapping a load of photos instead!
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I go to Vail every weekend and just got home.
Conditions are better than mediocre.
Good, not great.
Others have summed it up well. Anything on the front which is not groomed is firm. Not ice, but more like eastern "packed powder" as one described it.
The days have been in the 40's and the parts of the off-piste back (lots of stuff in the back are groomed these days) soften up after noon and are dyn-o-mite. The trick is knowing which runs to ski. Choose poorly and you're in for a bone-jarring ride down. Saturday & Sunday I skied my Recons everywhere. Cruised in the morning, played in the mashies in the afternoon. Today I just flew up & down the front on my SX-11's. Forecast calls for some snow on Thursday, but long-range forecasts up here are about as useful as a phillips head screwdrive on a flat head screw.
I say bring the Dynastars and the Volants. Leave the K2's behind.
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Squeaky Wheel, good call. That's what I was thinking. The K2's are better for soft fresh pow. The Fat Bastards will be great for stability in back bowl crud and the I-74's for groomers, etc.

Both are good if I hit anything icy. Looks like temps are headed down this weekend though, so the snow that had been softening up in the afternoon, might be harder to find.

I'm heading down to my wax room right now.
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Normally I'd offer you a tour, but I have friends & family coming this weekend and will be occupied.
Generally speaking, if the sun comes out and there's no fresh snow you should either stick to the front, groomers in Blue Sky Basin or check out Ricky's, Wedges, Cow's, Campbells, Apres Vouz, Yonder Tree, Genghis Kahn and maybe if you're lucky Rasputins. Stick to the southwest faces which get the most sun.
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