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Cheap stay near kicking horse

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I was suppose to go to Fernie from 19 to 26 of february but I'm now looking at kicking horse (no rain and closer to other ski resorts (if ever condition get bad there too). I have until february 2 to cancel my reservation at the hostel in fernie so i'm still hoping (should say praying) for some snow until then.

I have to stay in that region because my flight is already booked to Calgary...

Any recommendation on on cheap place to stay near Kicking Horse. I'm alone so an hostel would do great...

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turn on your PM function.
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I tought it was on... But it wasn't. now it is!


hope to hear from you


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golden = truck stop.

most things should eb fairly cheap if you are not on hill.

remember new meat mondays. stripper (yes just one) and cheap steaks
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