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Fischer WC SC for Tahoe?

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I am considering getting a pair of '04 Fischer WC SC skis but I have not tried them and would like some info.

How are WC SC skis for carving on softer snow? Modern groomers seem to make decent corduroy out of the firmest snow. Is the WC SC too stiff for this and better for ice or could I still arc them? I tried last years Fischer Race SC and loved them in 165cm in all kinds of spring snow but bought the WC RC 175cm instead. My RC's are great for blasting around on weekdays in softer snow but if it is fiirm and on weekends they go faster than I want to go in pure carved turns. Also, they don't seem as grippy as the Race SC was.

I like the RC for higher speeds when it isn't too crowded but when it is to crowded I am forced into semi skidded fall line turns. I would like to have skis that I could carve nice round turns but tighter and at lower speeds. I am thinking 160cm WC SC might be just the call.

I have a pair of five year old Salomon Equipe 3v slalom skis that are 176cm (the longest they made that year) and they are great at popping out fast fall line turns and they hold great in gs turns but they aren't good at nice round fall line turns. Maybe 176 is too long.

I can get a new pair of '04 WC SC for $400 and think they might be ideal. Any comments would be appreciated.

By the way, I ski almost every day, love to carve but am 54 now and am more interested in carving nice turns than going as fast as I used too.

By the way, I have pocket rockets for deeper snow.

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Don't pay $400 for a pair of 04s. I got my 04 Fischer WC RC4s this year for $275
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I just spent an entire day on the 165 2004 WC SC -- I was giving them a final test prior to buying them and had not yet had them out in powder. As some readers may know we had a little snow in the East this weekend.... Well not so much in Bretton Woods, but a fair dusting:4-6 or so (at home it is 28" of the white stuff ... that figures.

So while I LOVE this ski, it is really for the firm groomed and hard stuff. I could not help but wishing that it had a little more flex or a softer tip for the pow. And that is exactly why I love this ski on the groomed and boiler plate: it is stiff and hard and one seriously gnarly carving ski. But not a great all rounder. One for the "quiver" as it were.

I skied my tail off on Sunday and found that not only does this ski not really love powder, as the snow conditions deteriorated, your legs deteriorated, so did controllability too. After 4 or 5 hours of hard skiing, you get tired, the ski becomes unforgiving, amplifying your mistakes and becoming a handful. I scared myself into skid marks when bombing down a black groomer with lots of powder that had been tracked, wind-blown and had started to set ... went from sunshine into deep shade and the skis started to head in their own direction and I couldn't see a darn thing. : In another place, I took them on a never groomed, rough run with all sort of interesting terrain "features" and did not care for them all that much. My old Atomic 9.18s would have been right at home, but not these, just too stiff and hard core.

Objectively, it is medicore in fresh powder, just enough float to enjoy, but suffers where the fall line is not steep enough to retain speed. However, (and this is BIG), if this is going to be a pair for those crunchy days on the groomers ... and you can get a deal, then by all means. If I could afford them for just that purpose, I'd take them on the spot. No questions.

For Tahoe? Are you really going to keep to the groomed? Really? Be honest!!! With 18 feet of fresh... Uh, huh. I thought so.....
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Thanks for the advice. Where did you get your SC's for $275? The best price I have found so far is $350.

Jurisproodenz: Thank you for your thorough and entertaining review. We have a lot of snow here, like you said, but soon after the last snow it got hot enough to melt the snow and then it got cool for while. It was too icy off the groomers. The groomers have been nice because the ski areas here have grooming machines that grind the firm stuff into an inch or two of semi-soft snow. (Those groomers cost $250,000 each.)It gets scraped into mounds soon though. I am wondering if the WC SC would be good in that sort of snow or does it need to be firm. Often the groomers are quite firm in the mornings and the sun soften thems around noon. Is the WC SC good on smooth soft corn? I know I will like them more than my WC RC on the firm and if they are more fun for carving up corn then I will get them.

I tried the Race SC and like them in Spring conditions but I am afraid I would wear them out too fast.

In general, I think your review is a thumbs up for me because these would definitely be a quiver ski for me because I would keep my Fischer WC RC and my Pocket Rockets for good winter snow. I think I need a new drug and the WC SC sounds like a fun one.

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Brand new in the wrapper one model year old
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If these are a quiver ski, then go for it. I have no doubt in my mind that the WC SC would be superb for the conditions you are describing on-piste. These babies would chop, slice and dice the corn like a Ginsu .

I am kind of jealous -- I need a little more of an all mountain, all condition ski than these rather focused Rottweilers (can't use the term Doberman anymore, can I?).
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Ziegler 42 - You scored!!!

Jurisproodenz - Thanks for the encouragement. I think I will by the WC SC. I probably would have bought them today but I got side tracked by Dawgcatchers great price, $300, for Head i-SL. After more investigation I suspect the Fischers might have more versatile turn shape. Also, a friend of mine is a Fischer rep and I wouldn't want to piss him off. :-)

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