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Guess you healed up well from the lawn dart incident..

Sounds like everyone had a great time and learned alot. I'm trying to figure out how to get to UT next season for ESA IV.
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just got back to Zootown from Huntleyville.

top marks for ESAIII. Bud Heishman REALLY hooked me up with boot work. Through Arcmeister's on-slope detection and Bud's boot balancing, I learned that I was overcanted 3 deg left, 2 deg right, and my left leg is 3mm shorter than my right... with these things remedied, I was able to balance easily on either ski, and finally achieved the "little toe" edge traverse carve on one ski on each of my right and left skis... previously impossible despite my biggest efforts to do so.

another gargantuan leap in knowledge and skills. thanks to all the coaches for attending and teaching us all. thanks to the organizers for great smooth seamless event execution. thanks to Zorro for humor.

no thanks to Ma Nature though, she stiffed us royally. the debt needs to be repaid, mama!

the groomers were good for learning, but we didn't get any chances to ski off-piste.

Lone Mtn Tram was a no-no for me, I heard it was all ice and rocks, and from the next highest point (Challenger chair) it looked worse than it was described. even the Challenger chair terrain was sketchball.

despite the slim snow, we had good skiing on (some of) the groomers and I only tortured one of my 2 pairs of skis. the elans.

I experienced altitude sickness for the first time in my life and now I know what people have been worried about when they go to altitude. the big difference for me seems to be sleeping at altitude. last year's ESA I stayed down in SLC and experienced no ill effect. this year, I had trouble sleeping, had strong headaches, and a very diminished appetite. bah!

looking forward to ESA IV at Snowbird!


Chris Rock's stunt double.
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Originally Posted by Powdigger
Never fear gang, Predicted Snow Showers for Wed. and Thurs. /// Ed
unfortunately, tweren't nuthin' but a threat.
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Gonz, ask Steve about the freshies to be had at Moonlight Basin yesterday. I thought the bumps on Moonlight were great and the Bowl was wonderful. It's too bad you didn't get up the tram to take in the view (looking down was a bit heart-stopping).

I'd like to thank the wonderful coaches and helpers who made ESA 2005 the best academy ever, and give special thanks to the people at Big Sky who made our stay so easy and smooth-running, along with the artists on the Bombadiers who repaired the groomers each day so we had primo conditions. Thanks especially to ssh and WTFH for making the farewell banquet memorable and to ssh and rio for taking video, to ssh for his hours running the video review equipment for us, and to Bud Heishman for getting the campers aligned so the instruction could be of maximum benefit.

The great folks at Moonlight Basin deserve special mention for going out of their way to be hospitable to us. The MB Lodge is a sight to behold and the deli serves great fare for a reasonable price. When we were in need of an Allen wrench, a MB host ransacked the place until he found us one. Most of the slopes there face north, so we found good snow, and when we ventured too far into the area, the lift op was kind enough to let us ride the chair so we could get back to Big Sky.

Thank you, everyone who came all the way to Big Sky to be part of this special week. It will be fun trying to top it next year.
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As Lostboy said, one always runs the risk of failing to mention someone, and in my case I failed to mention jstraw, whose art design made this year's t-shirt a collector's item. We have a few left. PM me if you want one: $20 plus $5 for packaging and shipping. Please include your shipping address.
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If you search on BigLines.com for submitter "ssh" and "Hultquist", you'll be able to see all of the photos I've posted. I'll be working on uploading more this weekend.
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It was me...

Not only have I been your intrepid reporter, but I was also an intrepid explorer on Thursday afternoon. Through a series of miscalculations by multiple people (most of all myself), I found myself slogging through untracked snow in a draw between two runs at Moonlight Basin (I did find the Moonlight snow level measuring stick!). The "freshies" (as they have been called by some) consisted of 2-3mm of crust over 5-7cm of soft snow to another thicker crust layer, and then soft snow to the bottom (a total of approximately 4' or so). On skis, the difficulty was making it through the thick branches. On foot, it was post-holing. It took me about half an hour to make it back to the trail (about 150-200 vertical feet above my lowest point). Needless to say, I was a bit hot and bothered when I finally made it out...

I learned some excellent lessons from the "adventure", however. The first is that I need to be more like Nancy (skier31) and just say "No" when I think there may be an issue. Second, it's ok to ski to the bottom and beg a lift ride, even if I don't have a pass to the area in question. Third, it's not always best to try to overcome fear by facing it without rational analysis. There are a few others, but I'll leave them for now.

The good news is that WTFH and I made last chair on the Swift Current, ripped up one last run down a pleasant groomer, made it to the base in time for a trip to the hot tub, and then I was granted a bottle of the local brew as my award for the exploration. Not bad...

And, thank heavens, my skis are no worse for the wear, either!
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Finally home...

Well, I'm back in England after a couple of good flights.
Yesterday saw me say goodbye to some new friends (who may make an appearance here some time, if their flight ever leaves SLC for Atlanta)
Friday it snowed in the morning, as soon as I hit the slopes (around 11am) I set myself the task of skiing every run we did during the lessons, starting round on Elk Ridge and working my way round to Moonlight. Unfortunately the weather up top was a bit rough, so I didn't get up the Lone Peak Triple, or Challenger.
I basically went top to bottom on each run, with no stopping (apart from on Ambush, where I met Darren & Liz)

Just for ssh, I went for a blast down Elk Horn (?) in Moonlight Basin (to exorcise the demons), and took the right turn at the kind of speed Nolo seemed to frown upon during the lessons.

Big Sky is a great resort, I will go back there sometime when there's a bit more snow. The Huntley is an excellent hotel, with my only complaint being that I had to walk along the corridor for about 10 yards to have "ski-in/ski-out".
I must apologise to LM for not attending her warm-down sessions, but I found the hot-tubs very inviting, and a great place to socialise with other guests in the hotel. (and as Marketing Manager of EpicSki, I felt it was my duty to spread the EpicLove)

Now, has anyone got a copy of "Car Button Cloth"?
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something tells me that Zorro may find what he seeks HERE
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Thanks to all the coaches, videographers and everyone who worked
hard to put together ESA 2005. The week went by way too fast!
It was great to put faces to names.

Thanks to everyone in my group for being patient, enthusiastic, supportive and fun. A huge thanks to SSH for all of his hard work and moral support. Thanks to Nolo for pushing me to do things I really did not want to do.
It was great to see the improvements and changes in everyone.

We had some fresh pow at Breck yesterday and I finally got to ski on my new Phat Luv's. What a blast! Scott was impressed with the changes in my skiing and we skied all kinds of stuff that I previously had been afraid to ski.

Looking forward to next year!

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Finally home for a few days, enough to get to the computer and post.

What a terrific week! Thank you so much, Nolo, for the superb level of teaching, combined with empathy and patience. I can't wait to get back to the snow on Wed and get to work! I will be bringing my super glue, hehehe.

More thanks to ssh. We had our own videographer in our group who was more than willing to tape anytime. Darin and I took some very amatuerish video on Fri morning before we had to leave Big Sky. I'm tellin' ya, getting the camera to stay still is harder than turning on one ski! Nice work, Steve!

And it just wouldn't have been entertainment without Fox and ssh. So musically talented, but how can I explain the humor of the red circle around the words "Sit Down"? Just too funny! You guys are great, thanks for putting the whole thing together.

Our whole group was so much fun to ski with, I can only imagine next year topping it.

And more thanks to Bud, who got the canting right on my boots, and gave me a well delivered punch when I needed it.


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Esa 2004

Great reading all the post and enthusiasm. Just out of curiosity, how many skiers attended the academy. Students and instructors and support crew?
Have the #s increased yearly?
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We had 11 staff and 37 students this year. Thirteen students dropped out along the way for various reasons, which was slightly above par. Last year we had more students and staff and the year before that we had less. We're only in our third year.

We will be preparing for a bigger event at Snowbird, hoping that current enthusiasm holds.
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Thank you, Nancy and Liz, and Tim, Stewart, Steve, and Kes, for an extraordinary week. I can only imagine what you'll ski like next year--my guess is the changes you made at Big Sky will spark even greater progress over the winter.
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People pay $825 and drop out? Due to injuries and family emergencies? Can't imagine any other reasons...
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We gave refunds and applied credit to next year's event whenever possible. The only money at risk was the $200 deposit.
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Ah, I thought you meant they dropped out after the event began.
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Originally Posted by nolo
Thank you, Nancy and Liz, and Tim, Stewart, Steve, and Kes, for an extraordinary week. I can only imagine what you'll ski like next year--my guess is the changes you made at Big Sky will spark even greater progress over the winter.

You can count on it!

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jstraw, we had 50 people register for the academy and 13 dropped before the academy, which left us with 37.
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Insert Emily Litella Impression
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Oh, is someone being Mr. Crankypants today? My numbers are off anyway, if that's a consolation.

All that matters statistically is the groups were small like we like them, it was easy to meet everyone there (and I mean everyone skiing at Big Sky, not just the academy bunch, as Fox can attest), plus we had 3600 acres of skiing pretty much to ourselves.

Because of Fox's tireless efforts in the hot tub, we had a request to host a snowboard academy and I believe we may see a sizable contingent from Knoxville, TN at Snowbird in 2006.

It's all good.
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I witnessed Fox's marketing efforts in the hot tub and I think he did a great job. BBW.......
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Originally Posted by nolo
Oh, is someone being Mr. Crankypants today?

It's all good.
Nolo, remember Emily Latella? She said, "Oh. Never mind."
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Gray hairs debate arcane trivia. Whoopee!
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Originally Posted by nolo
Gray hairs debate arcane trivia. Whoopee!
What else do I have to do?

Oh, yeah. Pack to go skiing tomorrow!
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...just had a reported sighting of an ESA 2005 t-shirt on a flight from Dallas to Tennessee.
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No doubt worn by a certain brunette, with a soft southern drawl, eh, FOX?
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Actually, no.
The report came from her, but the wearer was a freind of hers.
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tell me you did NOT miss the chance to provide ms. tennessee with the opportunity to show what a TRUE "volunteer" is all about.


heh heh.
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