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Metrons for the gnar?

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I'm seeing a lot of raves for the Metron line. Anyone tried 'em on something steep and and tight, where skidding is your friend and the last thing you want to do is carve a turn? For example Dead Tree at Squaw Valley. Or how are they for those moments when you just have to go straight and fast? Seems like all that side cut would make these things scary as hell, but I'm wrong all the time. Thanks!
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I agree with you. I tested a Metron M10 for only 2 runs during a demo day but found that they do not like to be skied flat. They want to turn. Going straight is not their strong point. Even though their turn radius can be very small, I don't think that I'd want to ski them in situations like you describe.
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Originally Posted by porcupine
Or how are they for those moments when you just have to go straight and fast? Porc
I own the Metron M:EX's (175 cm) and I feel like a downhiller on these things. They're stable as a freight train and carve like a dream.

Of course, the M:EX's only have a 19 meter side-cut, so they're not comparable to the B:5's, M:11's and M:10's. For input on these models, I'll let others comment.
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porcupine, I'd be ok on the b5s in the steep and tight situations. I think they skid, pivot, and hop just fine. However, you need to keep them on edge. You can feather them to go straighter, but you need to keep them on edge. My 2 cents...
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Yes they skid , all the hype about this ski being an awsome ski that locks into a turn is somewhat true but it can still do jump turns like any other ski out there. I've been on the b5's where I needed to get them up and around quick and found them no different than any other ski I use .
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What about wide open balls to the walls. I got the rossi zenith 5 last spring cause it would skid if I needed, it would carve great, I could hop a turn "ski is heavy" on a steep. Can ski it with a wide stance and track and ski them parallel...lacking in the speed section. I should have waited till fall to test i bought them in march and the conditions were either corn or wet granular.skied on them about 10 days last year and 20 so far this

silly me i guess
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