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Which ski for me????

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Hello! I'm a 158 cm and 57kg woman (5.18 ft and 125 lbs), looking for a new pair of skis to replace my exhausted Rossignol.
I'm looking for an allround ski that allows me to go from intermediate to advanced skier.
I'd like to ski in powder snow more than I do (Italian Alps are not the best for powder) and I think the right ski for me stays in the "all mountain, bias groomed" category and I think it's between the followings:
Atomic betaride 10.20
K2 escape 5500
K2 axis X
Rossignol Bandit X
I like to do short radius turns on the fall line and feel that the ski is quick and lively and I often find "difficult" snow to ski on (ice, heavy snow...), but love deep snow and powder! Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance and forgive my english!
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Since you're already looking at K2, could I suggest you check out the K2 T-Nine Spire
It was just launched before Christmas. The model below it the women's equivalent of the Axis, so the Spire should be the women's equivalent of the Axis X.

Should be worth looking at.

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I'd be very wary of the K2 line with the transfer of manufacturing to China.

A friend of mine who is a hard skiier just showed me his Merlins ..... totally decambered after just one year and several weeks. It will be interesting to see if the shop makes good on these! BTW, these were US manufactured skis, but it brought back the old ghost of the K2 delamination problems of the 80's........ :
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OK, not wanting to start a flaming war, but...
I'm on to my second pair of K2s - the latest are Axis X Pros, and I've had no problems with either pair.
I don't think delaming is an issue any more, I know K2 have done a lot of work in their quality/service departments.
But, on the China thing, you have a good point. I made sure my AXPs were US. I'm not concerned that the Chinese can't match or beat US quality, I'm sure they can. I have an issue with the wages that the workers will get paid and the conditions they work in.
I love my AXPs but until I can be assured that the manufacturing plant in China gives their employees a decent wage, fair conditions, etc, I won't be buying K2s in the future.

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Hmmm... I don't trust "made in China", for most of the reasons you wrote...
Nobody could tell something about atomic b-ride 10.20?
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I hate being a "naysayer" on a lot of these issues. However, I feel a little bad about the K2's. Jack asked me last year about some stress cracks that were showing up in the clear topskin of those Merlins and I said something to the effect ..... probably nothing but see the shop .... who, indicated that there was no problem ...... Oooops! Big problem.

As members of the "ski community", shops are likley to deal with the "pros" a bit more tactfully than the general public, or folks like yourself who are in a loop of knowledge.

If a potential problem is brought to the shops attention PRIOR TO PURCHASE and they dismiss the inquiry as bull s___, they are painting themselves into a PR nightmare because they have dismissed those concerns. I hope this shop will deal favorably with my friend because he brought this to their attention last year prior to the warranty expiration.

I would love to purchase an American car, but after a burn by Ford and Chevy (and Saab too).... I now drive a Volvo. I would love to buy a K2 (just gave away a pair of old K2 4's) ...... but, they are going to have to shake those old images with solid reviews.
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OOOoops... I forgot bindings: I'd use my actual ones (Rossi FD60), is there any problem with the plate, if I choose atomic?
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Hi and welcome to Epic ski.

It may take a few days but I'm sure you will get answers to most of your questions. BetaRacer should be able to answer your question about plates but I think there might be an issue with that.

PS your English is fine...
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Usually when people here recommend a ski it's usually the brand THEY ski. What's right for you is something only YOU can decide by trying it out first. There are so many good skis on the market today that probably any one you mentioned would be fine. The key is getting the right length for your abilities. So, DEMO if you can. Most recommendations are that 'shorter is better" which works most of the time. My recommendation, go for a midfat in the low 160's in length. Since I am impartial to Rossignols because they are so technically user friendly,(you don't have to think about how to ski them) and forgiving, I would recommend the Banditx or the xx. My Wife has had a pair for a few years now and she loves them. Any binding will do but I lean toward Look or Rossi. Good luck! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by yuki:

...... As members of the "ski community", shops are likley to deal with the "pros" a bit more tactfully than the general public, or folks like yourself who are in a loop of knowledge. ....

Absolutely, couldn't agree more with you Yuki.


PS What did I say? or can't you tell the difference between an English and Irish accent?
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