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NorthEast Skiing March 10-25?????

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Hola again! All you saavy skiers/boarders, pls advise on the following:

1. CHEAP lodging within 45 minutes drive each to STOWE, TREMBLANT, SUGARLOAF and SUNDAY RIVER ????? JAY PEAK? No frills, just TV and heating.... Oh, a great BREAKFAST would be nice. $35/nt possible, 1 person?

2. CHEAP/Discounted lifts for these mountains??

I'm doing my best to ski these great mountains for the first time, but must make it a cheapo trip!

BTW, just returned from 12/28-1/12 UTAH trip, FANTASTICO!!!!!! We were forced... to ski in powder, and the fear is gone (almost). Best snow conditions in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all the advice to Utah!
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good time to go

jay village inn for jay or grampa grunt's lodge (hostel)

uh, not sure the place by sugarloaf but there's a very cheap motel less than 10 minutes away
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grampa grunts for jay and hiker's paradise for sunday river. it's a bed and it's warm, no frills, and cheap. as a solo skier, one person cheap lodging is pretty much impossible except for hostels sadly. doubt you'll find many lift ticket deals on these areas.
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Tks ron and steve! If I do 3/1-3/15, should there be a better chance for "winter" skiing? I don't like spring skiing, I live on the beach... so let me have WINTER when I ski.
Cheap doesn't really have to be Hostels (I'm no spring chicken!), just as low as possible in the nearby vicinities.

I may drop Tremblant for Whiteface, 1 day, good idea?

Steep groomers are my favorites (like those @ Stowe).

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Please, more advice??????
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Not very specific -- think you're asking for the impossible since unless you're traveling by SST there's no place that's 45 minutes from Sugarloaf, Tremblant, and Stowe. Indeed, I don't think you could find anyplace 45 minutes from both Stowe and Whiteface given the lake -- though that might be possible. I don't have any specific lodging recommondations but I might look for something in the Warren or Waitsfield areas -- you'd be relatively near Sugarbush and Mad River Glen, not too far from Stowe, Killington and Burke would be within range.
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At Sugarloaf back in college we stayed at a place called The Sugarloafers Ski Dorm. About ten years ago, I had an open day and needed a place for one night before meeting some friends at a condo the next day and I also stayed there. The place was cheap and included hearty breakfast and dinner. Bring a sleeping bag.

SR to SL is about an hour or so. You could stay at one and do one day at the other.

Stowe is 45 min or so from Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Smuggs and Bolton Valley. MRG and SB are only 15 minutes apart.

None of the mountains you mentioned are within 45min. Best to pick one of the areas and stay there. The least driving would be SB/MRG as a combo trip.
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You're looking to hit all those spots on the same trip?

You be illin'.
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Tks guys. 45 min. to SR and SL, 45 min. to Stowe and Whiteface, not one place for all but rather places for each cluster (I ain't that dumb).The only way-out in left field would be Tremblant, so, is it worth the extra drving hours for Steep Groomers?

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don't bother with Tremblant for a day! It is definitelly not worth it. Stay near Sugarbush/Mad River and Stowe will be close enough. You will ruin your trip if you try to do them all. Jay Peak and Stowe might go together too.
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Tks vrcka, good advice! Now, rental shops in/around Loon, Cannon???

Cheap lodging in that vicinity?

Cheap lodging equi-distant to Sriver and Sugarloaf?

Do rental shops sell discounted lift tkts? Do the motels as well?
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