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Poll Results: How much do you spend on skiing annually?

  • 1% (3)
  • 7% (12)
  • 14% (22)
  • 23% (37)
  • 12% (20)
  • 16% (25)
  • 7% (12)
  • 8% (13)
  • 4% (7)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (1)
  • 1% (3)
155 Total Votes  
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Yup. Between coach fees, a race quiver, travel, hotels and camps, my son would skew this curve without my help. Fortunately, this year he only needed one new pair of skis - but that means two new pair next year. For a rough estimate, I use $100 per minute of race time. Probably the most expensive sport there is.
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I bought a 05 Subaru GT wagon last summer to get me back and fourth every weekend that Okemo is open. Do I need to add that in? If I didn't ski or work there, I wouldn't need the car.

Gee, what is the price of 93 octane gas this season...
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Originally Posted by gnjantzie
1. There is a threshold cost level for recreational skiing of about $450 (midpoint of second interval, only one response in first interval).
I can't see how you can say that. The data come from a bunch of ski fanatics, which means that it is skewed off the chart. The threshold is only good for Bears, not for the general public.
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Im a 20 year old college student who works two jobs to support my sports skiing/diving. This got me thinking and its soooo depressing. All east pass, 200. Wildcat pass 200 Ski team dues 400, plus about 20 hrs of off snow admin/fundraising work per week during the season. 15-20 day trips each one usually about $30 for gas and food. Tuning equipment 200 per year, Jacksonhole trip on spring break about $1000 (free lodging). Two pairs of race skis this year only 600 for both a GS suit $100 and poles 70. Clothes about 400 this year, (hats, gloves, goggles, socks, long underwear). $3770. Ouch.... I have to park alot of cars to make that.
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So, three-quarters of Epic poll-tasters spend at least 1200 clams a year on skiing. Lower than I might have imagined.
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$1200 = 2 ASC Gold Passes
$1000 = Food and Lodging so far with more coming this weekend
$1200 = 2 pairs of 1080s
$120 = Swix Worldcup Iron
$80 = Holmenkol Tuning Stuff
$100 = Wax
$90 = 2 pairs of Dakine gloves
$100 = 2 pairs of Swany Mittens
$325 = Arcteryx Theta jacket for my wife
$375 = Arcteryx pants from my wife
$500 = LL Bean fleeces and some base layers
$200 = Boot fitting and footbeds
$30 = Booster Straps
$45 = Everytime I fill up my car with gas which is once a weekend when skiing
$90 = 2 base grinds at the beginning of the season
$30 = 2 mic/speaker extensions for our 2 way radios
$100 = Polypro boxers and undies from REI
$20 = Pass holder clips

So far that puts me at 5-6k with more to go. The sad part is that I under estimated alot of these costs.

Making this list is depressing and I can't stop adding to it.
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Colorado Pass-------329
Gas and Tolls-------480
Oil ------------------ 20 (The Saturn is getting tired)
Gear-----------------550 (Average Yearly)
Annual T-Shirts---- 60 (I buy a gag T-Shirt for whoever skis with me on the Spring Trip)
Misc day trips-------300
Lockers--------------36 $ 4.00 for 24 hrs @ Golden Peak---DEAL !

Ballpark--- $ 3075/yr--------Not too bad for 6 weeks of skiing !
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Way too much or not nearly enough, (after looking at the current video of myself)
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My official response of $1200 to $2000 was an underestimate when I began to total my actual expenses.

520 seasons pass
48discount card
400day tickets other resorts
104 boots--ebay
72 ski tuning
640 gas
12fleece sweater

Total $2424 (converted to U.S. $).

Note that I'm not including expenses that I would entail whether skiing or not (ie. food since most of the time I pack a lunch). These figures are based on 40 days at my home resort and about 12 days at other resorts during the season. It works out to about $46 per day for more than seven weeks of skiing. Because I commute to my home resort (about 85 miles as the Camry flies) my biggest single expense is gas.

I wonder how many other respondents would see a bump in their reported expenses if they worked out a more detailed budget?
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How much?

Not as much as I'd like to!!!!!
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my figure of $7500 - is for my whole family (2 kids). Also - for my non-skiing wife - for any multi day trip - i need to go to a place which has some amount of activities (like whistler, vail or park city)for a non-skier. which means - basically i can't park my arse in midvale crystal inn and hit alta 7 days in a row !!!!!
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FLAWED! I spend the price of my season's pass to The Canyons on skiing. What I spend for my condo., airfare, wife and kids passes and transportation, equipment, lessons, etc., etc., is quite another thing.
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Enough Bears have taken this poll now that I'm starting to think that it may, just MAY, offer some tiny kernel of reality on ski spending among the "dedicated skiers" of Epic. The number of >$3000 has climbed considerably recently. Now that's a lot of money! Heck, the poverty line in the USA is around $9500 total income annually for one person.
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less than I used to spend living in Ohio!

I'm in the $2000-3000 range now. Used to be more when I had to drive 4.5 hrs to a decent ski mountain (Snowshoe). I would go there several weekends (4-5) during the ski season and spend at least $500-700 each trip for lodging, lift tickets, gas, and food. I also flew to Utah once each season for several days which added another $1000 to the cost of supporting my addiction. Moving to Reno has enabled me to make more $$ in my profession, ski up to 4 days/wk (I work 3 12's - 7a-7p), and spend less $ on skiing since I don't have to add airfare costs and lodging, although I have paid for some lodging out here - see below. Since I moved out West:

pass at Mt Rose $299
new skis/boots $800
2 nights during Christmas in cabin on the west side of Lake Tahoe - $400
skiing at Homewood on X-mas day $44 (priceless really - first time I ever got to ski on X-mas day)
2 nights at Heavenly when my kids flew out here - lodging, food, and lift tickets - $500
Will spend more visiting several other ski areas around Lake Tahoe this winter. Most will be day trips but may do a night in cabin near Sierra/Kirkwood.

It's all good! Absolutely no regrets, would spend more if I had it!
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I'm not even going there. A lot.
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Four trips to Colorado,

Airline tickets for three

Condo's for 6

$100 for food (cheap days)


And countless other amenities,

Last year spent at least $12,000 probably closer to $15,000
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With an annual expenditure like that you may as well buy a pair of the new B4's and add it to the tab .
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I am probably the King of the misery ski trips. I've skied out West 3 times this year and have spent approx. $700 so far. I've been a guest with a free room on two of the trips. I 've flown on frequent flyers and combined one of the trips with a business trip. I have a Colorado Card which reduces my lift tickets. I refuse to spend alot of money on dinner and lunch.

I hope to go out again in late March or early April to Colorado and maybe another trip to Mammoth in late April. My best friend is buying a house at Snowmass next year so I will probably be a guest of his next year for a trip or two.

I'm extremely fortunate that I have very generous friends that have been very successful in business and if they have room they want to come along. I couldn't go as often if I had to cover all the expenses. I reciprocate with buying dinner and offering unsolicited ski tips. Its funny, these same people always ask me what equipment they should get and seem grateful with my suggestions.
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I'm surprised that no one here, being computer savvy and all, uses Microsoft Money or Quicken for their personal finances. Among other things, it saves time, but more importantly, you track spending by category, such as Recreation: Outdoor Gear, Recreation: Skiing, etc. You know exactly what you spend ... even though after looking I dont want to know. The only spending I don't know exactly is gas for my truck, since all gas purchases (whether to the hill or otherwise) are in one category.

For those above mentioning high costs of gasoline purchases, have your current Discover Card converted to a Discover Gasoline Card (or apply for one). All gasoline purchases earn an immediate 5% rebate with this, it's one of the best deals out there.

My answer: More that I want to, but not as much as I'd like to!
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Are we talking retail? Actual money spent? Product value? Per person? Family?
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OK, let's see...
I've excluded the cost of Jagermeister, etc, and my spend this year has been around $4-5k for 2 weeks of ski vacation. (this includes a new pair of skis, new jacket & pants)

So, that's around $310 per day of vacation.
Now, if we actually look at ski days, I've had 11 ski days this year (5 travel days), that puts it up to close to $450 per ski day.
Add in food and drink (Apres ski, etc), and we're looking at around $500 per ski day.

But now I'm back in England, I can ski at Milton Keynes for around $40 an hour, and petrol (gas) to get there and back ($10) + parking ($2 per hour) would mean a day's skiing (6 hours) at my local hill would work out at a bargain $262 per day plus food and drink (but that's for <100ft of vertical per run)

(Nolo, does Julie realise how high maintenance I am? )
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I might have to update my list:
skis: $375
bindings: $170
goggles: $100 (2 frames)
gloves: $65
jacket: $130
pants: $130

total on the year: $1000.

Then again, I probably won't end up spending a dime on new equipement for the next 4 or 5 years.
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Between my wife and I, equipment, lift tickets, lodging, airfare; average per year is likely between $5,000 and $6,000. That doesn't mean I'm rich, just severly derranged.

However, I spent years living on farthings. If some point you don't harvest, what was it all for?
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Well, I need to adjust my figures, now that I'm squeezing in another week. I'm definitely in the $5-7.5k range now, and that's before I pay for lift tix/food/beer in Vail.
(And if I'm to believe what I hear, that may put me into the $10-20k region )
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Reminder to Self - Next time add in expenses for alcohol.
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Just did the books on my last trip to JH. This was 4 days of skiing for me, my wife, and our two kids. My youngest was in ski school.

Airfare, lodging, lift tickets, ground transfers*: $2500
Lessons: $440
Gear (stuff that was worn out or grown out of): $350
Food: $450
Shuttles: $40

Total: $3780
* Note this was part of a "kids fly and ski free" package through JH. Priced individually, lodging, air, and lifts would have been $3500.

So a couple of these trips per year puts me well into the $7500/yr range. Add another trip or a major purchase (skis, boots, etc.) and I'm in the next catagory or higher.

Can't think of a better use for our disposable income, either.
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