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I just bought a pair of Lange 120 Comps with Surefoot liners and I am having too much heel lift. I noticed during the injection process that I did not experience any discomfort. I was told by the boot fitter to expect some discomfort and a couple of bystanders in the shop at the time said something to the effect that it hurts like the dickens. I don't think they pressured properly and did not get enough material around the ankles. Is there anybody out there who knows a little or a lot about this process?
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you should be able to tell if there was enough foam around the ankle by touch, meaning take the liner out and feel the outer and inner liner at the same time. if it feels like you can feel your fingers through the liner you may have air pockets(i had a liner that was stitched wrong and all the foam went to the outside of the boot)
is your heel lifting when you are skiing? or when you are trying to get it to move just standing around?
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Powderdog, if you didn't get almost constricting pressure in the important places (and around the ankles is one), then there wasn't enough foam expansion. Foaming is really difficult, and I think most who do it do not do a good job. Take 'em back and get 'em re-foamed.
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>>is your heel lifting when you are skiing?<< Yes, it's particularly problematic in steep mogules; I have to haul my leg up in order to unweight the tail. It also lifts easily when I'm standing without a ski.
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I surely will and I expect to have some trouble getting them to refoam them as that's going to eat into their profit but it's not my fault that they don't fit and I payed $1136 including Calif. sales tax. I should get a better result than that.
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unless things have changed a bunch you can't just get the liner refoamed. once the tubes are cut and the foam has set. thats all folks

surefoot has a good guarente. talk to any of the stores see what they say/do.
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I am assuming that you had the orthotics in place when you were being foamed? If not then, dependent on the shape of your foot it is possible that the foam has not flowed properly. When I used Koflach foam boots in the 80s they ended up having to redo them 4 times before we found that, because I have a very high instep, the foam was not flowing through. Once we put an orthotic in it worked fine.
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They would have to toss the liner and do a new one. I wonder what determines the amount of foam. Is it pumped in or does it just expand itself and flow in? It was all hidden inside a box so I didn't really see what was going on. I have a slender foot that measures to a larger size than it really is and I'm wondering whether the shell size and my foot size were such that there just wasn't enough foam. In other words, the foam package that would normaly be used with that shell wasn't enough to fill the space between the shell and my skinny foot.
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The foam should have been a two part mix, that once mixed expands greatly, in most cases only about 1/3 of the total foam produced actually ends up in the boot. Foaming is tricky and if the tubes were blocked or pinched (I always blow through them before I do the actual foaming) you will have voids in the liner. Take them back and get new liners its the only option. FWIW I have not had good luck with Surefoot in the past, last year alone I saw three pairs of boots that were severly messed up by the work they did to them.
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The Surefoot process includes an orthotic so I think it was in place though I don't really know as the fitter took the boots in a back room a couple of times during the process (not during the actual foaming). Anyway, I'm pretty sure it was done the way Surefoot thinks it should be done. I'm working on a letter to send to Surefoot describing exactly what went on after Squaw Valley has done whatever they're going to do to deal with the problem.
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Drop Sure foot an e mail. i had a B*tch about one of thier people and they got right back to me. The store manager at the Park city store solved my problem with a heal shim. The litel sales guy wanted me to buy the foam liners when all i needed wasa little shim.
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