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Lateral Binding mismount?

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I just got a new pair of skis back from the shop after a binding mount. The bindings were noticeably off to the right side on both skis. How many millimeters can the bindings be off center without noticably affecting ski performance?
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What kind of bindings and what kind of skis?

It could be that somebody messed up positioning the drill jig, but that's hard to do (they're supposed to be idiot proof). If they're not centered right, take them back and ask for a new pair of skis. That's just plain wrong. I think someone either did not pay attention, or hoped you would not notice.

I recently mounted some Markers on a pair of K2s without a drill jig, and it would have been impossible to get it wrong. There was not enough width on the ski to be off by more than 1mm (or else I would have been drilling/screwing into air).

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Skis are Head monster 85s, Bindings are tyrolia mounted on a Tyrolia carveplate. Measurement from side of plate to ski edge varies .10 inchs from left side to right side. I think the combination of the tyrolia's jig extenders for fat skis and an inexperienced tech was the reason for the offset. You can rock the jig sideways if you don't know what you're doing. The extenders are not super rigid.

I know how it happened. I'm just trying to figure out what it will do to ski performance.
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When edging the ski, there will certainly be a bias -- it will be different rolling one way versus the other. Whether or not you notice 0.1" is probably not something we can predict -- you'd have to get out and ski on them. My thinking is that it might be hard to notice if it's only a tenth of an inch.

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It will be interesting. One set of edges will feel like a 82mm waist. The other set will be like a 88mm waist.

I still have the option of remounting without the plate if they don't work well as is.
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I'd take those suckers back. The shop did the job wrong and they need to fix it.
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I agree. The shop needs to make this right. Go back and don't take no for an answer.
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