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Powder "day" in Wisconsin

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Probably will not see another day like it in 15 years. But yesterday
was a powder day (or 15 minutes) in Wisconsin.
Went up to Wilmot (border) with the 12 year old.
Couldn't believe it!? Bouncing off of pillows, as close to a
middling Western snowfall as the Midwest gets. So after it
tracked out (there is the 15 minutes), you could play in the
crud! Then the wind kicks up, scouring the knobs and depositing
in the gullies, even giving you facsimile Grand Foghee conditions.
Hard to stay enthused on those 15 second runs, but Saturday
was easy. There was even a patroller extolling his first tracks!
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I can second that myself!!

We just got back from two days at Devils Head.

What a riot it was! Finally I was at the right place at the right time.
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GRANITE PEAK BABY timed our two day trip jsut right

holy crap it was a powder day
actually few people there never had such a good day
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I took my youngest and my nephew boarding at Villa Olivia last night. Best surface conditions I have ever seen there. Arms were a little sore on this mornings XC skate, must have gone up the rope town 50 times.
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This brought a smile to my face, I grew up skiing at Wilmot 3-4 times a week. Wilmot HS grad. Now im in college out east and definatley don't miss the hills. But im glad you guys got to ski some real snow, i remember entire winters where 6 inches was the best we got, and it was usually about 40% moisture content. Enjoy the midwest and leave for the mountains as soon as possible.
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