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Anybody had a chance to check out Tamarack yet?

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I've seen very little buzz, other than a very little paid advertizing here and there about Idaho's new premier resort -Tamarack. Yes, its a crap winter here in the NW, but I'm wondering if anybody has made it there and at least got a sense of the potential. What does the terrain look like? By trail map the diamond runs look to be a little short. Can't quite tell if there is any good tree skiing or if its too dense, either. Anyway, I'm very curious and was wondering whos had some experience.
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Was talking to the Bombadier mechanic who had been there a few days before & he wasn't saying anything good about it. Said there were a lot of flat spots (I'm guessing he was on a snow board).
Heard their snow report on the radio a couple of days back & they were only saying that they had a 50in base.

There is tree skiing there.
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I heard the mechanic lost his job for speaking out of turn.
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It must be halfway decent; a half dozen people I know quit and moved up there.
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When you service out of Salt Lake city you get spoilt for choice on which mtn to ride for free.

Tamarack just didn't rate for him. & as he's one of br's best toolers he'll never be fired.

Shop talk is shop talk, leave it that way
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I made it there for opening day; I work for a company that's been working VERY closely with Tamarack on a number of fronts, so we all got a paid day off to ski and join in the opening day festivities.

Consider a few things about Tamarack-

1. I was there in mid-December, and there wasn't much snow
2. the grooming wasn't great, but it was opening day. Give the groomers some time to get used to the terrain.
3. the village hasn't been built yet
4. the resort isn't supposed to compete with Sun Valley or Whistler; they're going for exclusivity. They only sell 1,500 tickets a day, they're selling property like hotcakes for big dollars... it's a 4-season resort for the well-off.
5. there isn't much terrain open yet. give it a few years for them to get all the real estate sold, and they'll start opening up more terrain and putting up more lifts.

They're spending a lot of time, money, and effort on this. When the dust clears, the money's raised, the houses are built, the village is standing, and the kinks are worked out of the system, Tamarack is going to basically be a mix between Sun Valley and the Yellowstone Club. Don't worry about the terrain either... people around here have been backcountry and cat skiing those mountains for years and I've never heard a negative word about it. Plus on a sunny day, you're skiing up above the lake and it's supposed to feel a bit like Tahoe.

I have some pictures up at:
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A couple of friends of mine are heading there on Thursday, so it will be interesting to see what they think of the place.

From the pictures it looks like there are a lot of nice crusing runs.
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ben_ferg: the pictures are deceiving. there was very little decent cruising terrain there. i spent most of my time in the trees near the top; it had snowed a little at the top the night before, and there were a couple decent lift-serviced cornices that descended into some good tree skiing.

i'm planning on going back at least once this year if it ever snows again. hopefully i'll get a better sense of what kind of terrain they've really got to offer.
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