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fat skis.

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okay... i'm looking at picking up a new pair of fats. i've been through the archives..lots of good stuff, but i've found little that really relates specific skis to other skis. i've read the magazines...keelty's site...all that.

i currently ski the '00 -'01 bandit xxx, and plan on demoing some pocket rockets soon. how do these compare to other skis like the head monsters, vertigo g4, new xxx, dynastar bigs, fischer big stix, atomic 10.ex's....etc. just some opinions, even vague impressions. which of these would you recommend to a friend or buy yourself? i'm looking for something that's stable but relatively easy to initiate a turn on. most of what i ski is either VERY uneven and soft cut up or powder. i'm not really looking for a midfat -- i love the wide platform i have on my xxx's.

sort of a wide open question, i know.
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I strongly advise trying Atomic's Sugar Daddy. It'll knock your socks off. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If you can wait, check out the Dynastar InSpired Nobis pro model. Fat Twin tip, and I hear it skis like a Big.
The pocket Rocket will feel like a lot less of a ski if youre used to the XXX
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Big fan of my G4's but it will kick you if you don't ski it aggressivly. I demoed the newer XXX earlier this season, seemed a bit soft in the shovel, but still a nice ski. The Pocket Rocket felt a bit limp underfoot, plus I didn't like the long tail in powder.

Are you skiing Bohemia with these? If so, I'd get something with a turned up tail, makes it easy to back up in tight places.
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Try the Kneissl TANKER! 125-90-115 This thing is awsome! Has vertical sidewall construction, wood core and can really rip around the whole mountain but shines in the deep and crud.
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I really liked the Big Stix 84 but maybe that is not fat enough or you. It skied like a smaller ski yet handled all the snow I could run it through. Forgiving.

I may rent those for a cat trip next weekend or rent the XXX from the local shop at Ski Cooper. They had them new last year and I doubt they would have replaced them with the newer version.

I'll get back to you if I can offer up a good comparison after the trip.

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In my opinion, the G4 is more versatile than the Pocket Rocket, although the PR has performs better in untracked pow. I believe the G4 would offer better performance in crud and uneven snow. There's some good info in the consumer review section - take a look.
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So, what's wrong with your 00-01 Bandit XXX? Just curious.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by craigmont:
So, what's wrong with your 00-01 Bandit XXX? Just curious.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

they've lost their charm. they're old... and somebody in my immediate family wants them. i want to broaden my horizons... [img]smile.gif[/img]getting new skis is such fun...
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Are you looking for an all-mtn fat or something for soft cut up and powder only? Your XXX's were damp - do you want the same or more rebound? Does weight matter? Do you need a twin tip?
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Some 193 Head Monsters would be good for the terrain you describe. I can't guarantee you'll like them but I can guarantee they will be able to bust through just about anything. Try demo them if you can - some love em, some think they're heavy and overly damp.
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Love the AK Enemy. Yea, it is too big for me, not as much as yoou might think. It is the same as a 180 AK Launcher, with a longer turned up tail. A great ski for hauling ass, and scaring yourself. For a bigger guy it would be more versatile.
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I think the best idea is to demo when buying such a specialized ski, that in reality should be a ski that can ski jsut about anywhere.
In the lower level ski, and ski rental shop of the Cliffs Lodge @ Snowbird they usually have excellent high performance skis available to demo at about $35-40.00/day. Some of the very skis mentioned in other posts on this thread are available.

Remember,fat skis are about flotation and manuverbility in POW, Gunk, Crud, and the groomed.

Ideally, you want a ski that can do it all. Only by trying them out in all conditions can you know what works for you. Late March to mid April is an excellent time to be at the "Bird," since the potential for conditions that range from Pow to spring Gunk can all be there during any one week.
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I just tried the Pocket Rocket in a 174 and my wife tried the 165. Both where amazing wherever we took them. The 165 seemed to be a lot turnier then the 174 when we took them on the hardpack and there was a lot of that last week at Jay Peak. I was amazed at how well both of these worked when they were not in soft snow. They also were one of the best powder skis I've ever been on but that part I did expect. I'm 5'8" and 165 pounds and was about to buy a pair of 1080s which I also demoed. Now I need to try out the 165cm Pocket Rocket first.

By the way I agree with the last post, you have to demo these things to see how you like them but even that can be confusing. I found that out just yesterday when I was first on the 174cm P.R. and not liking them at all after skiing on mostly the 1080 the previous day. I switched back and was still skiing lousy and wondering why I had liked these skis the day before until going in some trees on the 1080s finally woke me up. Sometimes it's you and not the equipment. Demoing is a pain in the butt but with what skis cost these days I want to make sure I get the right ones. Well, as close to the right ones as I can get anyway.
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