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In oz, every ski shop seems to have the black boxes of those miracle garments, Skins. they are bloody expensive, and it's a leap of faith to buy tights at $139 that will cut down muscle soreness and fatigue.

I was puzzled at the lack of presence in the US. According to the box, Oz developed them in conjunction with Penn State University in the US. so where the hell were they? And why did no Yanks know about them?

I finally found some, in a big tele/XC shop. But on the box, was some mention of them being developed with the "help" of Australia. Their url was so I put that in my browser and it mirrored straight to... !

I suspect that the partnership was very much Oz with a bit of USA.
Annoyingly though, the tights here are $80 USD, while in oz they are $139 AUD.

Well, for anyone who gets DOMS, these things are sheer magic. And for americans, with their lack of holidays, and their short ski trips, they are perfect. You wear skins, and you legs literally suffer no effects from skiing.

They are magical. take a 1000 mg naprosyn, or wear these? hmmm!
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Men in Tights

Men in tights? I dunno. And what is that they propose to ski with anyway? Did they ever hear of ski boots?
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I think they are showing you how close they fit, for ski boots. I fair dinkum would not start a season without them. normally for 2 weeks I'm in agony, can't sit or rise without significant pain. wearing these from day 1, I'm just normal. the difference is amazing.
This last season, our apt. was robbed. They got the digital cameras, my new toshiba laptop, and... my skins. gameboys, dvds, etc, left alone. yet they took those. hmmm!
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Further skins query

Am not worried about the cost if the skins deliver value which your previous message does imply. Just for clarity, do you recommend and if so would you use on alternate days or consecutively?
Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by ant
normally for 2 weeks I'm in agony, can't sit or rise without significant pain. wearing these from day 1, I'm just normal.
Good for you, ant, but a question:
How about some workout prior to the ski season?
I wouldn´t rely on any tights only.
They might be amazing, I can´t say yes or no.
But I´m always suspicious toward all comfortable helpers promising to avoid real workout with some discomfort, fatigue and pain.
I can imagine too many people just relying on a piece of garment instead of their own body and muscles.
Workout PLUS skins, why not?
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Skins are what you put on your cross-country type skis to climb up the mountain.

Would these tights help? Yes. I would think you could buy tights cheaper than that.Would it make a difference worth $139? I don't know, but personally I would sooner spend the money on a good bottle of scotch.

P.S. If you start your season without boots, be sure and adjust for forward pressure, and good luck keeping that big toe nail.
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I teach two seasons per year, and don't like pain that comes with the start of each season. Workouts dont' help at all, soem people are prone to doms and others just get a bit stiff. These skins totally alleviate this early season pain, I wear them skiing for the first week or so. Our footballers (rugby and aussie rules) are wearing them for training, I notice, so they can go harder probably.
I wouldn't be without them, but I'm amazed that they aren't promoting them more aggressively to americans, for whom they'd be perfect. I am sure that many ski holidays are spent with stiffness and pain; these things would put a stop to that.
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The cricket team have been wearing them for a few years too ant.... & aside from a couple of them seeming "tubby" I am still pretty sure they make them train
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My wife bought a set when she was doing a ski show in OZ. She wears them skiing all the time...she seems to like them.
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the difference for me is stunning. by the 3rd day after I am back on skis, I'm usually in agony. I can't sit or stand up without real pain, and in bed at night, the muscles are buzzing and flicking and carrying on. This goes on for over a week. With the skins, I get none of it, nothing. Slight tiredness after about a week of hardish skiing, that's it. I wear them on the plane across the pacific, too, as they are rated for reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

(I have a lot of old, dense fibre fast-twitch muscle).
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Cw-x...another high priced compression garment intended to increase performance.
a stocking version

the "technology" is here.

I always ski in my old favorite Nike Compression pants from my track days.

Ant, maybe its a cultural barrier, but I'm getting the impression that you are pushing these pretty hard and might have a connection with the company?

PS. Did you Join in 1999 and the 2009 as your join date is a glitch...or is there something we should know about you???:
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Nope, no connection whasoever. I paid $139 for my 2nd pair just before I headed to teh US, didn't even get a pro deal (too late in the season). I'm just surprised, everythign is bigger and better in the US, so why don't you guys know about these things? I see so many guests especially, not enjoying their skiing very much by the third day. Seems pretty funny that they are struggling away, while their counterparts back in Oz have these things and enjoy their entire skiing experience.
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I can vouch that she has been doing this verbally back home in Oz all season too.... so it is not an attempt to sell the things - she just loves the feel of them!
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I guess when you've found something you really love, its hard to stop talking about it. Case In Point: my new Mountain Hardwear Subzero Hooded Jacket... Ithaca has had some high's in the single digits this week and i've been strutting around in that coat and a t-shirt. Town roads were at a stand-still (if you've seen the hilly roads ithaca has, you'd understand) so I put my car in a parking garage and walked up the hill to Cornell.... I was actually sweating in 10deg F. weather! IF anything the coat maybe too warm if you arent at 12,000 feet or during super-duper cold day.

If Skins were availible in the US (and perhaps a bit cheaper) I'd give them a shot because of your rave reiviews...maybe I'll give the C-WX tights a shot... seem to be based on the same principles.
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Skins are available in the US, but so far I have only found them in a fairly hard-core XC style shop, and there was no advertising or attention drawn to them. Being in agony for 2 weeks, vs no agony = miracle, to my way of thinking.
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To me skins means climbing skins- for going uphill in the backcountry
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I'll throw my support behind the CW-X tights. I discovered them this season, and am completely sold on them! Suggested retail= $89, Marshall's had them for $60, and I found them on sale at Marshall's for $29, so I bought a bunch of them.
So far, no bagging, sagging or excessive stretching of the material.

I do recognize less leg fatigue wearing them, and I like that.
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