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Skier profile: Age 30, 5'7", 155lbs, former collegiate racer (East) - Generally an agressive maniac

Just bought a pair of GS11's ('04) in 176 to complement my older P40F1's (Red/Black) in 188.

Volkl - More power, more stable, greater edgehold. Difficult to turn at lower speeds without skidding. Essentially a SG ski for me in 188, with my height/weight.

Atomic - Much more lively, quite "turny", little to no effort required to turn. Good snap in the tail, tries to toss you in the backseat. When you keep forward, it rockets you around the turn. I'm going to move the bindings to their forward-most position and see if the ski would pass for a fall-line quick-turner. Not particularly impressed with the edgehold - so far only 1 day on factory tune skied on Eastern ice.