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I need your help!

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I'm asking all of you to help me in a what I feel is a worthy project that just might save some lives. As most iof you painfully know from reading my post i'm not a skilled writer. I'm dyslexic so the written word isn't my strong suit. So i need your help many here are very articulate Others here have a known name in the ski industry. a name that might lend some wieght to my campaign.
I believe in the power of one. One person can can make a diffrence in some small way. For some time now I have been thinking of this idea. To get the Ski and rider media to promote backcountry safty. We all know of the tragic events outside the Cayons back country gate. Many here have posted on that subject. I feel that for years the media has been showing us the the shear bliss of skiing big mountains in deep untracked powder. The lure of skiing those lines is strong. There are ads for resorts skis and those ski porn movies we all love. people flock to the westren resorts hoping for a day or two in Boot top powder under clear blue skys. As we know most resorts get skied out pretty fast. we look over just outside the ropes and there are a few lines in the snow it looks great and there is a gate. The temtation is to much. In the last few years backcountry skiing has really taken off. Most do get the proper training and have the gear. But some don't and really don't understand the ral risk of going beyond the gates without the proper training and gear.We all love the idea of skiing fresh line and finding a place where we can get those lines. Yet every littel is said about the real risk of going beyond gates without the training and gear needed to make a day in the backcountry safe. Please join me in writting campaign to the ski and Snowboarder media outlets in getting them to put together a campaign for public safty in the back country. I have already written to TGR Matchstick and Warren Miller I also want to get a email out to Powder, Skiing and Ski magazine asking them to do some print ads. My concept is to have a few of the Media Stars Like Shane Mcconkey or Glen Plank say a few words about skiing safety in the back country then having contact info on where you can get training and learn more about being safe in the back country.
I have no idea why this has struck such a cord with me. But it has I do think if the media helps people to find out the right information we will all benefit. Please take a few mins to e mail some of the ski media outlets.
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Great post. I am with you. I think that I will write a letter to the editors of these mags. Do you know the address for Park City TV? Isn't Glen Plank always on? ALso, do you know how all of the celebs. advertise for PCTV? Maybe, we can suggest that some of these stars and starlets say a few words regarding skiing responsibly, and skiing safe. God knows, they enjoy the spotlights, politics, and just about any cause. This is a good week to contact PCTV, as there are many celebs in town this week. Let's do it!
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Good call.

I will get my letters sent.

Thanks for the idea. I will pass it on.
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