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Atomic R.ex

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I am looking for this ski, and was wondering if anyone has seen them online. I would also appreciate info on how the different lengths ski. Since they are really just 10.exs in disguise-maybe someone can shed light on the differences between a 184 and 191. I weigh in around 195-6' 1" and would use it in the Wasatch.
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Voodoo the 2001 10ex is a little stiffer other than that your right ,the R-ex and the 2002 10ex are the same ski. As for length don't think that short will give you less with this ski , 184cm is more than enough for most. I'm 225 lbs and 5'10" and ski the 2001 in 184cm , I have the opportunity to ski the others when wanted and have found the 191 to be very close in feel to the 184 but a little less versatile .

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I'm 175-180 and 6'1". The 191 is perfect for me but I have a buddy the same size and he loves his 184s. If your more into striaght-line skiing and big turns go 191. If you like tight, quick, smaller turns go 184. But at your size I'd recommend 191 if you like the big powder turns and carves.
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