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AK Skis

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Does anybody have any skiing experiences with AK Skis? It seems to be a relatively new boutique product, from Aldo Kuonen (Rossignol and Atomic), available in North America.
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I've got the 180 No Ka Oi's. Only been on them 2 days so far, but they're a stiff ski, very lively and a great carver, can rip off nice short radius turns or cruise at speed in longer arcs. Aldo's from a racing background and these skis reflect that, very stiff torsionally. Demoed about 7 or 8 skis in the 75-80 range and these stood out as the most fun. I got them mainly for days when there's not much fresh snow since I have fatter skis, but they're pretty nice in soft snow for a stiff ski, haven't had them in more than a few inches though.
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I've had the 193 No Ka Oi for 3 seasons now and it remains in my quiver as my mid-fat ski for non-powder days. A very stiff, very fast, crud buster. A ski that needs to be driven aggressively and that you don't want to get lazy on. The bases are very durable, but myself and a few others have had problems with the cap construction (blow outs). However, the generous sidecut and stiffness don't make it my first choice for skiing steep, icy, billygoat type lines as the tips and tails tend to get hung up in narrow spots and the ski doesn't like to be pushed and skidded around when going slow maneuvering around rocks and whatnot.....it just likes to constantly carve at high-speed.
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Thanks for the imput Shoe. I will be affiliated with this Swiss company soon and am pleased to hear they have a good product on the market.
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I rode a chair with a guy today who had a 5 or so year old pair of AK skis. Looks like they're still in business, but resellers in Europe only, apparently.


They do have some interesting skis...




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AK makes some superb carving skis, highly regarded.  I have never skied on them, but spent time talking with many people who own them, as well as Francesca Kuonen, (Founder Aldo's daughter now running the business since Aldo passed away). They maintain very high standards of material and assembly quality to keep their reputation as a serious performance ski for expert skiers.  Definitely worth trying to get a ride o a pair if you are in Europe.,  Exotic, somewhat expensive, and very high quality, high-durablity skis.

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Is this the longest bump in our history? Ten years and close to 2 months. Not bad...

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Nope. I'm bumping bigtime today!


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