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Boot Fitter in Alta

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I'm looking for a good boot fitter in the Cottonwood area. We're staying in Sandy, Utah. My goal is to purchase boots for the wife and myself. I hope to demo them first though. Any recommendations? Would like to buy demo boots and have custom footbeds made to save $$. Would you have any reservations with this line of thinking? Thanks in advance for your input.
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Welcome aboard.

I had some work done at Rustler High Powder house. They did a great job. Ask for Paul Huber. I suspect they may not have demo boots as a way to save money, Most places don't allow demos on boots. If they have "high Performance rentals" they are usually still not the better boots. You can check with the shops. If you purchase a boot at the same time as you purchase the footbeds they will often give you a break on the cost. Also if you do at a resort, you can ski some and go back for adjustments and more fittings throughout the day.
Hope this helps.

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