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MRG: $25 This Weekend

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All trails are open, you just have to deal with a little cold (it's -17F at the summit right now).
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what good can come from posting that??? call me selfish, but i think things like that should be kept to yourself or just sent to friends.
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This is a Forum, meaning people post stuff like that.

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Posting discounts is more then alright.

Posting a Poll about discounts is not all right.
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bring your rock skis with sharp edges and if you don't, have a p-tex party planned for that evening.
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yo Don,

I understand your greed. Nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. I failed to post the discount myself!
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fwiw, not many skiers showed up any ways (at least not many actually spent the entire day skiing). didn't wait once for the double and loaded at the mid-station with 1-2 chair wait regularly throughout the day.
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