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Waterville or Loon?

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If we can brave the cold tomorrow, my kids and I are planning to go to Waterville or Loon. This leads to two questions:

1. Does anyone have any updates on how conditions are at either of these places? (Does one seem better than the other right now?)

2. We've been to Loon several times, but never Waterville. How do the two compare? The kids (ages 8 and 6) like to warm up on long green runs and then move on to intermediate terrain for the most part.
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I have been to Loon probubly twice in 3 years and to Waterville many times in those same years. Waterville has very long quad that services only begineer slopes. My 6 year loved it when she was starting out. If the Northside Double is running it is usually, ski right on, and it directly services intermidiate slopes. Beware, it is an old chair and is slow. There is the upper mountain lift which is serviced by a painfully slow chair and on a cold day, for what terrain you can access, it ain't worth it.


From what I can remember about Loon, I think the advanced terrain at Waterville is better. But if you are with your kids on beginner to intermediate terrain, IMHO, I would pick Waterville, just because it seems to be less crowded.
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I would agree and say that Waterville is more of a beginner, kids oriented resort however I'll disagree and say that Loon has better advanced terrain than waterville valley. juts my 2 cts.
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I have only been to Waterville in the summer for their skate park but Loon gets really crowded and congested so much all of their terrain is serviced by the gondola. So for crowd reasons alone I would do Waterville
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I used to frequent both mountains. Waterville Valley is much better for your needs on this trip. Waterville has better snowmaking, better lifts, and more interesting terrain. If you want the best "most difficult" terrain in that area ski Cannon Mt.
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thanks for the input, folks! just to clarify a couple of things, we have the Threedom pass good at Loon, Waterville and Cranmore. I've always been curious about Cannon, but we're sticking with the places where our passes work for now.

it's good to hear that Waterville is generally less crowded than Loon. we're not worried about crowds for tomorrow (the cold will keep most people away, I think), but for nicer days I'm glad to know that.

I think we'll give Waterville a shot, if it's not too cold.
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We had a good time at Waterville on Saturday, though there were more people there than I expected. Lines weren't long, but there were lots of folks on the slopes.

Has anyone noticed if Waterville is noticeably warmer than Loon? When I got off I93 on Sat, it was -9F. 12 miles later when I got to Waterville, it was 1F, a 10 degree rise in about 20 minutes of driving. Since Loon is much closer to I93 and farther north, I assume it was colder that day. Is this a pattern, or a freak thing?
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BTTT, from the other end of the spectrum this time:

has anyone been to Waterville or Loon in the last day or so? how has the recent warmer weather/rain affected conditions?
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Hey Skidiver
I've been to Loon and Watterville. My kids are 10 and 7. I drag them to Watervlle because I love the hard packed conditions and they love The Black Bear Lodge. Loon is better for the kids.
14" at Watervile on the powder alert.
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since greens are greens everywhere...go to cannon (25-32 inches!)!!!! Kids rarely register the nuances of each mountain...but mom and dad on the other hand...
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I was at loon yesterday ( thursday) during the storm. They Were getting dumped on...it was absolutely puking. So much that when I was about to board the gondola for the first time.........

....loon mtn and the whole town lost power. I waited for 45 minutes and then got a voucher and headed to Tenney. People were talking about knee deep powder at 10am and it kept snowing all day.

I think that kids are a big fan of the gondola, especially if its cold/windy (it was real windy thursday). It makes loading and unloading alot easier and I know that my brother and sister skied from the top when they were learning.
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thanks, Dyna. it's interesting, I sort of had the opposite impression. we haven't been to Loon in several weeks, but we found several of the runs at Waterville a bit easier than marked. e.g., some of the blues should have been greens, and the blacks we tried weren't that challenging.

my daughter did her first single black runs the last time we went to Waterville and had a blast. now I just need to get her to stop wedging....;-)

Liam: our passes are only good at Loon, Waterville and Cranmore, though I'd love to try Cannon sometime.

Question: What are the easier single black runs at Loon? In other words, what runs would you recommend for a junior skier (age 6) who's just starting on more advanced terrain. She had a great time on The Chute, Upper and Lower Sel's Choice, and Utter Abandon at Waterville. What would be similarly difficult runs at Loon?
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thanks for the report, RJP! it sounds great. sorry about the power outage, though. conditions look good at Waterville, too.

my kids hate the gondola b/c they can't stand waiting in lift lines. even if the lines are moving briskly, they complain constantly about them. so we usually seek out the less crowded areas of the mountain if there are lots of crowds, as I'm sure there will be tomorrow.
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