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Last year's Dynastar race stock GS skis in 187

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Has anyone had any time on these skis? There's a pair of 187's on ebay that look pretty enticing, but I don't know too much about these.
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I have the Course 64 (a year older I guess) in 192 cm.
An awsome serious GS ski but way too stiff so that I mostly use it for skiing free (the courses this ski is made for are to be found on some FIS-race level and above).
Your ski being shorter and newer there´s a good chance for it to be softer in flex.
But you know how it is: not knowing the flex and not being able to test the ski there´s always some risk involved with lengths like that.
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They are fast. Much different than the retail ski. Stiffer, more powerful, better edgehold, bigger turn radius. Unless youre racing masters and are a very good skier i wouldnt attempt it. But, if you are a pretty good carver and aggressve skier - go for it - they will rip. I think they will compare to the rossignol in performance - but will be stiffer.

Just to see what happens when a skier gets put on a pair of race stock skis above their ability level i gave my dad my race stock Elan GSX (182cm). He took one run on them and almost put himself in the trees twice. He gave them back at the bottom. He is a very good skier who also races beer league type stuff on his Fischer RC4 RC and SC. So, the moral of the story is that you can go over your ability level when purchasing a ski - to the point where you cant ski a particular ski at all.


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Just some background...I'm a 19 year old coach and ex-racer...5'8" 165 lbs. I train with my University Team twice a week and will probably race next season.

Greg, you said they're like the Rossis, but stiffer. What does that translate to, in terms of how they ski, Compared to the rossis? I have tried the Rossis and love them, but the ones I can get my hands on are not nearly as good a deal these Dynastars.

And I do know about buying skis over my ability. My current GS skis are 194 Salomons from a couple of years ago that I got for real cheap, and they work for me in nothing but the most open GS courses.
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How about the base bevel of your Elans and of your dads Fischers?
In my experience, the "above the ability" phenomenon is often (apart from the length, flex and maybe radius in racestock GS skis) caused by base bevel of .5 or even less.
(Your Elans should have 22,8 m which is not so much...)

D(C), we may be having the same ski. I also have an older Salomon GS, 190 cm, originally a womens GS. With the tip of only 96 mm or so it´s not so easy to get into gates but, fortunately enough, it´s fairly soft and bendable.
I can imagine that such or similar 194 cm stiffer version must be a fight to ski in some tighter courses.
OTOH, you got your fight and now you must find most new skis pretty easy to handle.
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