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Vail 3/18-25

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The family and I will be in Vail from 3/18 -25. We'll probably ski Vail, BC, Breck, and maybe Keystone. We'll ski either Copper, Winter Park or Loveland on the way back to Denver on the 26th (the kids are still debating this choice).

Anybody else going to be around during this timeframe?
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Ill be there

Ill be out there the same days (3/18 - 3/27) but well most likely be at Wolf Creek for at least three of them. I spend alot of time skiing Vail as my best friend lives in Avon but he will have to work for a few days. If you want to get together for some turns PM me and we can pick a meeting place as the time draws near.

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On Wednesdays, I only have an 8:15 class and then evening classes, so we may be able to meet up with you on the 23rd. Otherwise, let's try to meet at Copper before you return to Denver.
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Coach, we will be around the 19th for Keystone or Vail, could do Keystone or Loveland on the 20th for a few hours in the morning.
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Great guys-we'll firm up some plans as we get closer.
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