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Removing bindings

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How hard is it to remove a set of bindings at home? Do I need special tools or could it hurt the skis?
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BAsicly you just need a pozi-drive screwdriver. Or a crowbar and a large 12lb. mallot.

Depending what binding it is, some of teh screws might be hidden.
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These are Marker 9.1 SC bindings. Anyone know where I should start, or should I just take them into a shop?
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I'm trying to remember the 9.1 configuration, but if it's like most of the other Markers, the Heel is fairly straight forward - should be 4 screws.
The toe is a bit more interesting. There is normally at least one "hidden" screw, once you've unscrewed the visible ones, then slide the toe piece backward, and you'll find another screw at the front.
As I say, this is from memory, so I could be completely wrong. If you can wait until Saturday, I'll take a look at a set of 9.1s I know are in one of the local shops.

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why do you want to do it at home?

if you simply are transferring bindings to a newer ski, the shop that sold the skis should not charge you for binding removal.

is there some other reason?
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Removing bindings on a 9.1 SC2 or TurboSC is not that obvious. You need to pop off some plastic parts to get to screws then remove the bindings. After that you have to remove some more parts & screws to get the rest of the SC mechanism off the ski. I watched a guy put various generations of SC together in a shop & I wouldn't want to reverse what he did on my own. Personally, I would pay a shop to take the bindings off so I don't break or lose anything.

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Here is the situation:

I'm sending my skis in for a warrenty evaluation (described on an earlier post) and need the bindings removed. I dont know if dynastar will send new skis back or not. I will probably just have the shop do it, as these binding sound farly complex- How much does that normally cost?
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