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Originally Posted by lifer
Brought 'em but didn't use 'em.
yeah, I'll bet.
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My wife and I held our wedding reception at the local ski hill (Alpental). It was in the summer, but still beautiful to have it at one of our favourite places and the place of my most fond childhood memories. It was great to have it somewhere that has meant so much throughout the course of my life.

Honeymoon, was in Australia/Cook Islands. The skis were brought (and yes, they were used) at Mt. Hotham (now our local hill).
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It was almost fours year ago to this day that I met my wife in a bagel shop on the way up to the Sandia Peak ski area, where I was once an instructor. At that time, I was 46, and had never been married before. I saw this gorgeous woman, and had to talk to her. There was a short 5 minute conversation, and I was totally overcome by her presence. I called my sister that night and told her that I finally had met the woman that I was going to marry. Her remark was similar to "Oh s---, I have heard that comment before." Anyway, I succeeded in getting my first kiss from her under a log that sticks out from a tree about 300 yards down La Madera. We refer to that tree to this day as the kissing tree, and whenever we ski or mountain bike down that area together, it requires a "rest stop". We got married at the top of the ski area on March 24, 2002. I could not be happier. It was definitely worth waiting 46 years for this woman. My wife does not get upset if I ski, mountain bike, fly fish, bow-hunt, hike, but would if I did so without her! It really is true that good things come to those who wait. Every day, I wake up and can't believe the love and caring that I receive from this woman. And it is true as I write this, that I love her more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow! I wish everyone could feel the same love with their partners, and be as happy as I am with my wife.
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Does meeting a girl because our boot buckles were locking on the t bar at Sugarloaf and marrying her 5 years later count? Last year was pretty traumatic because or 13 year old started skiing faster than me.
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Ha, ha. Of course that counts! Funny way to meet.

Oh and Jim I feel the same about my bf, that is I love him more everyday
Glad you too are so happy! Great stories. Thanks for sharing!
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My husband and I got married on our skis at Alpine Meadows (off Lakeview chair -- I'm from Tahoe, he's from Santa Fe) on Valentines Day 1995 the day after the biggest storm of the season and with lots of sunshine and tons of powder! The reverand was from Tahoe City. I even get to rewear my "wedding" attire on a seasonal basis. Sure beats forking out $10,000 for a one-day event that is entirely over rated!
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I proposed to my future wife just last week at Solitude in Utah on the ridge above the Black Forest in Honeycomb Canyon. This after first pretending to drop the ring while riding up the Summit chair. Who would have ever thought the ski patrol would have a metal detector. Long story but it couldn't have been more fun and it would be hard to pick a more beautiful place.
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Met my man on last year's skiing holiday in France in the apres ski bar!!!
Turn's out he was a baby beginner - so to make it even we're both going to learn to board this year...
Proposal wasn't snow-related at all but the wedding is being planned for winter next year so that we can have a snowy honeymoon!!!!!
And already agreed to put the kids on planks as soon as they're old enough!!!!
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