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finding a new pair of skis?

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Ive had a pair of Dynastar Speed carve 63's for about three years. At the time they were exactly what I was looking for, really fast and stable and just fun to cruise around on. Now Im looking to buy a new pair, maybe over the summer for next season... The one thing thats started bothering me about these skis is the fact that they don't want to turn at all until you have a ton of speed (I know that this comes with the territory when you buy these types of skis, but my style has changed). You cant really have fun on an intermediate hill without a steep grade... Also, on steep black diamond runs that arent groomed and have things you need to watch out for, they dont turn well until I have too much speed, so I end up avoiding steep runs unless they are wide and smooth. Im just under 6 foot and weigh about 155 pounds; the skis are 170s, so I'm thinking I need something a little shorter and softer. Basically, Im looking for a more versatile ski that's able to make tighter turns and is fun to use at more average speeds, but still fast. I really have no idea where to go with this; I dont know what type of skier I am so I have no real criteria on what to look for. All I know is that the dynastars are fun for wide steep hills, but I want something that can handle more challenging runs. Anything you can give me would be great... Thanks !
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RX8 works at both slow and fast, can handle all turnshapes, and is quick enough for carving bumps, it would be my first choice for the duty you describe. The Rossi 9S Oversize works well too.
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Folks who frequent this forum are probably tiring of all the Fischer RX8 recommendations, but they really are that good.

I am 5'11" @ 170 lbs., skiing them at the 175 cm length. I ski them slow, fast, relaxed, aggressive, easy, frantic . . . whatever - and they work great.

I would highly suggest a demo on these skis.
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It sounds like any of the high performance cross skis would suit you. As noted, RX8 is a great ski. Elan S12 fusion is fantastic as well. I find the RX8 a bit livlier,but the Elan a bit more stable. If you are partial to the "feel" of a Dynastar, the SC10 might be just what you want.

Of course there are other great skis available as well, bbut I would check these out.
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Thanks! Does anyone have more details on the elan? Its the cheaper choice and thats what Id probably end up with vs. the RX8. Do you think volkl would also have something I'd like? For some reason I was thinking they would come up.
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