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Tuning Beta Race 9.16

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I read thru the thread about the Atomic base concavity and boy do I not want to open that can o' worms again! HOWEVER, I just got my daughter a pair of 9.16's and could use any advice about tuning them. Wax scraping shouldn't be a problem as a scraper will flex enough to conform to a slightly concave surface, but what about bottom filing? Seems like it might be ok but I just don't want to screw up a nice pair of skis!
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Skis should almost never be base filed (i.e., "flat filing"), whether Atomic betas or anything else. Sharpen the side edges only.

As for getting them stoneground, I've been reading the threads with great interest, and still haven't come to any conclusion, though it does make me rather reluctant to get them stoneground flat...
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For the most part, what Jonathon said. There are always exceptions. If you require to run a sharpener along the base edge, use a guide set at 1 degree. That way you will only work on one edge at a time, and the cancavity will not be an issue. Remember to always polish the base edge with a diamond stone after using a file. Mostly I only use a Medium coarse diamond on the bottom, and do the majority of the sharpening from the side.

Somewhere else there was a thread regarding whitening of the base along the edges. This is base burn, and can be remedied by P-texing along the whole edge and scraping off the excess. To prevent the burning, wax along the edge line with a very hard (extreme cold temp) wax, scrape off, and then wax with required temp wax. I wax my skis after every day, and still my 9.16 bases got burned. Its just that more force, and therefore more friction, is generated with the tight radius skis.
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