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On-Area Slide at Snowbird?

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Just heard that they had a slide on the steep face under the Gad II Chair. 6-foot deep fracture line that ran both directions. Volkswagon size chunks at the bottom. Anyone have any first-hand info?
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I skied SNowbird Monday and indeed there were remains of a substantial slide on STH beneath Gad II. It started about 2/3 of the way up the run. Fractured both left and right into the trees. Most of the debris had been smoothed out by snowcat but there were some hefty chunks ( but not VW size) still left in the trees. A few smaller trees along the edges had come down as well, but not much visible damage. The fracture looked rather deep (I'd say at least five feet). I would guess it traveled only 50 to 75 yards before splitting off to skier's right.
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Thanks Bill!

I always liked that pitch. Looks like it'll have a good drop in the middle of it for a while. If that is happening on a run that has been skied by hundreds of skiers, I can imagine how spooky the backcounty must be.
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