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Atomic R11, R10 or R9 . . . Help!!!!

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I'm looking for some advice. I am trying to decide between the Atomic R11, R10 and R9 skis. I'm fairly confident that the Atomice Beta Ride is the right ski for me, but I'm unsure as to which ski to get.

I am a very good skier, but not an expert skier (read as: ski everywhere, but not as fast or perfect in the bumps or off piste as in groomed). I think I'm better than 90% of the skiers on the mountain, but the 10% that are better than me are WAY better. I would rate myself as a strong 7, maybe a soft 8.

I ski almost exclusively out west (Vail, Park City, Whistler). I end up skiing everything in a given day, including groomed blues and black, moguled blues, occasionally I'll ski moguled blacks and very occasionally I end up off piste. I have good form, rarely fall and ski fast on groomed, but more caustiously in the bumps.

I'm looking to only have one pair of skis and have heard good things about both the Atomic R11, R10 and R9. Any review of these skis compared to each other would be very helpful.

The only bad thing I've heard about the R11 is that the tail is stiff, but I don't know how big of a difference from the R10 or R9 that makes. What I lose in the bumps with the tail being stiff, do I gain elsewhere? Also, how big of a difference is there between these three skis in bumps?

Please HELP!!!!!

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I should add that I am looking to ski either ski in a 170. I am 6'1 and 195 lbs, but I'm looking to ski shorter. Any advice in this area would also be appreciated.
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these are different skis, and ski differently in the different lengths; you pretty much have the story - r11 is stiffer all over, which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on what you like (speed, rebound). The r9 is less stiff and slower. The 170 is more agile and the 180 is faster in either model. I have the 170 r11s and was thinking short also; I'm 150 and 5'7". I like them, altho the 180s do zoom past me sometimes, damn it. Bumps can be done on any of these skis or lengths, depending on skill level - and yes, easier on softer skis. Presumably less float on 170s, but no powder this year so wasn't able to compare - who cares?

I haven't tried next year's skis. They are redesigned with polymer dampening inserts, binding mounts that look like the SX11, different flex in the tip and tail, and the titanium inserts on top (rather than covered by texalium mesh).

Anyone know who's renting 2004 atomic demos around the lake, post it here - I was thinking of getting a longer pair for bombing and powder.
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Any blanket recommendation between the two for a 7-8 ability skier?
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Blanket statement, go for the '04 R11 in a 180. I'm not sure about the stiff tail in the R11, maybe stiffer than the R9. I ski the R10 and it's because I find the R11 tail to soft so the R10 becomes a livlier more nimble ski. I'm lighter and shorter than you and ski the 180 in anything. If you spent more time off piste and in crud AND if you were smaller than the R9 might work better for you. Neither is true, so I'd go R11. The '04 version turns and flexes into the turn easy but as it works and bends it's designed to stiffen as the inserts engage. It seems to combine the best of the R10 and R11 from '03. I'll be skiing the R11 next year.
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I demoed both the R11 and the R9 earlier this year prior to the release of the new versions. I'm 5' 8" and 155 pounds and an expert skier and tested both in a 170 length, which I found to be just right. If you're taller or heavier I'd go for the 180.

I found the R11 to be a bullet proof ski with great edge grip. If you like to ski fast, this could be the ski for you. While I'd strongly recommend this ski, quick or lively it is not.

The R9 on the other hand is much quicker to turn, has more snap in the bumps and trees but at speed is less stable and more likely to get tossed by crud.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect ski, stiff, forgiving, edges well, great in bumps. Which ski you pick depends on your priorities, stability or snappy turns. If I could, I'd get both!
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I have the Atomic 11.20's (aka R11) and my son has the 9.22's (aka R9). We both have the same boot size so will often exchange skis. We both prefer the 11.20's over the 9.22's because it's a much more solid ski. The 11.20's work great in our sometimes heavy PNW 'powder', and it blasts through crud like no other.

The new 2004 R11's are supposed to be even more lively than the older models, so they would definitely be worth looking at.
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Has anyone skied on the 2004 Atomic R11, R10 or R9? Are they really better, or is it just the hyoe of "what's next?" Also, based on some of the comments, I'm leaning toward the R11, but I'm still worried that it might be too much work? Any thoughts on this. Look above for my ski ability, etc.

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debner, I have not skied the R9, but have a friend, the same as you loves it in 170cm, we ski the WHOLE mountain.
I like my Volkl G3's, I have skied my sons R11's but the G3 is a better all round ride. Next time I will will buy the 04' Volkl AX3 with an Atomic Centrix binding. You may want to try the 04' Elan M10 in 168cm I liked it in 176cm, it felt a lot like my G3.
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People seem to be pretty evenly divided between the three skis, does anyone have an opinion as to which one would be the best for me in a 170? Again I weigh about 190 lbs, which seems a little heavy for that length, but can I get away with it more in the R11 than the R10 or R9 or are they all about the same?
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I'm close to you in weight. Out of all the skis I have demoed and owned in the past 2 seasons the 170 R11:20 or now R11 is my favorite ride. Don't let the shortness scare you that ski is rock solid. The shortness gives the R:11 a bit more forgivness in bumps. But won't let you down at eye watering speeds. They are excellent crud busters. The only other skis I like better in day old crud is the R:ex and the Fisher Bigstick84. Both the R:ex and Bigstick are wider skis. I really like The R:ex and the Bigstick for what they are designed for. Yet I wouldn't want either as my one and only ski. I have said this before and I'm saying it again. if I were to have only one ski the R:11 would be the ski. I haven't skied the new 2004 R11 yet. But from what I have heard it's an even better ski then this years ski and this years ski is a superb ride. If you like that Atomic "feel" and yes some people don't, then get the R:11.
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Originally posted by debner:
I'm leaning toward the R11, but I'm still worried that it might be too much work? Any thoughts on this. Look above for my ski ability, etc.
What kind of work we talking about....if its crud and carving, the R11 effortless; if its bumps - - - that's gonna be more work. If anyone hasn't mentioned it, the ice-grip is superior on this ski also, as well as on the R10,relative to the R9.

And its even less work on a brand new pair of r11s with real bindings than the torn up demos and demo bindings.

There are a few reviews of the 2004 on this site somewhere.
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debner,You ask me in a Privet message about The Atomic "feel". How a ski feels is rather hard to put into words. i think That every ski company produces skis by a guideline that they feel is what a ski should be or do. Thier Engineers ,Designers,Team skiers and yes even the guys and girls in Marketing all contribute to This "Ideal feel for thier skis."
Look at it this way Lexus cars seem to have a ride and handling charatetistic that is diffrent from a BMW. Both are fine Autos. Some people like The BMW some The Lexus.
Atomic seems to start with the concept of a race ski. Then they design a ski for other uses. You will often see The R:ex discribed as a wide GS ski. In the heart of every Atomic there is a Race ski waiting to get out. I happen to really like the R:11 For me and my skiing there is a lot to like about this ski.
I Have reread your post and some other post that you have written and IMHO you maybe going about looking for a ski for you backwords. You seem to first look for a ski company yopu like or that you think is better then another then looking in thier line to see what you want in thier line of skis what ski would match you style and abilities in the Atomic line. I am Not Brand loyal by any means. I happen to like The Atomic R:ex and R:11 But I also really like my K2 Axis X skis. I Demoed the The new K2 Axis XP and feel that for many skiers this is a better choice then the R:ex. I also have a pair of Volants that I enjoy. I really love The Fischer Bigstick 84. I'm really looking forward to doing a demo of the New 2004 Head i.m 75. With todays skis I feel that after reading reviews talking to other skiers and doing your homework you could narrow your selection to maybe 3 or 4 skis. now cut out the pics of these skis from a ski mag hang them on a dartboard. close youe eyes throw a dart whatever ski it hits will be good.

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I think that you could definitely go with a 170 in the R-11. I have a friend who goes about 210 lb who is on them in a 170. He is a fast and expert skier in all terrain and he is very satisfied with them in this length. I have the 11.20 in a 170. I'm 165 lb, and although I really like the skis, I find them to be a little stiff for me in bumps. I probably should have gone with a 160 which would be a bit softer. The point is don't be afraid to go shorter, these skis are rock stable at speed, blast through the crud, and float in the powder in lengths that would seem too short based on your previous skis. An added bonus from going shorter is that they will be easier in the bumps.


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