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Employee Insurance Cover?

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The thread and article in the Summit County News (and worldwide I might say including here in Oz) regading the carpenter with a nail in his face got me thinking. According to the reports the individual is facing medical expenses around $100K. If the accident happened at work as I belive it did, would he not be covered by insurance by the employer covering employees against accident? In many countries it is complusory for employers to have adequate cover or there is a Federal or State scheme funded by taxes. What is the situation in Colorado?
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Employers in Colorado are required to have Workers' Compensation insurance by law. This should cover all medical expenses, lost wages (up to a maximum rate set by state law) and any permanent partial disability. Having said that, there are many employers who try to get around the requirement of WC insurance because of the expense. Employers who do not have WC insurance can be penalized 50% of all benefits owed to the injured worker. If the individual was working for himself, did not have any employees or if he owned the business and opted out of coverage, he made indeed be responsible for his own bills.
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The report I read quoted his boss as commenting that "the nail was in the flooring so it couldn't be in his face", so I guess there is an employer involved. Probably this is just another example of misreporting by lazy journalists which seems so common these days.
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This is "General Ski Discussion"?
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Where else?

Originally Posted by oboe
This is "General Ski Discussion"?
Bad day at the office oboe? Can't see how this is different to the interminable threads on buying houses in ski resorts or what sort of car to buy.
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Okay.. I'll make the traverse back into being a skiing thread..

A few years ago I used to work at Breckenridge at a meagerly wage (a whopping $5 /hr) and in return for working about 12 days a year I got a ski pass. Okay.. that's not a bad deal - I got a pass and I got paid. Never mind the fact it sucked up enough of my normal "days off" so that I couldn't fully enjoy it.

The next year they changed it into a volunteer position, asked people to donate 20 days, and in return get a pass. Wow.. that pretty much sucks. To top it off, the work was somewhat dangerous and they offered no workman's comp insurance. They told me to use my normal medical insurance. For that, I was expected to drive a snowmobile around the resort, ski through the terrain park, and other such stuff. All in all, I thought that was complete b*llshit and just another big corporate move to screw people over.

Breck is a decent hill, but I haven't bothered to ski it since.
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Off topic, but I had to say the nail thing was real. They had the xray with the nail in the guys head on the Denver TV news. The 3" nail went up just behind his teeth and just missed his eye. He said he didn't know he did it and it was discovered by a dentist when he went in a few days later and complained of a tooth ache. Whatever he was smoking at the time I want some.
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Originally Posted by rcahill
Whatever he was smoking at the time I want some.
1. He fired the nail gun into a knot in some wood.
2. A nail came out of the gun and embedded in the wood, but caused the nailgun to recoil and smash him in the face.
3. Unbeknownst to him, the nailgun also discharged a second nail into his face.
4. He thought the pain in his face, his swelled eye, etc was from the recoil.

Now his medical bills are over $100,000. I haven't seen details of his employment, but a lot of carpenters are hired by GC's as independent contractors.
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Make more sense now. Just goes to show how the TV news omits or includes information to sensationalize the story. Denver news stations are particularly bad. I can sympathize with freak accidents. A number of years ago a rock fell off a cliff while I was driving home from skiing. It fell through the windshield of my car and broke my arm, ribs etc. The insurance company wanted to know whose fault it was. I'm glad I had good insurance. It was well worth the money. If you are working in a hazardous environment you are crazy not to spend the money on insurance even if it impacts your life style. It is a basic cost of living.
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