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What should I demo?

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I'm heading out to CO for a week of skiing at Snowmass. I plan to spend a day or so to demo some new skis. I was hoping to get some suggestions. I'm 5'8" tall, about 140 to 145 lbs. I'm an advanced skier (ski all blues and most blacks comfortably, but work harder on the double black slopes). I'm 44 years old. I split my time between the steep ungroomed slopes, steep groomers, and whatever fresh stuff I can find. So, I'm looking for something versatile. I ski exclusively in the western U.S. I was thinking of trying the K2 axis x, elan m12, atomic R9, possibly the volkl 724 ax3 or rossignol b1 or b2. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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For your softer conditions you may want to consider the Rossi XX or B2 rather than the X. I would also strongly consider the Dynastar intuitiv74 and the Head IM75 chip. There are people who would emphatically insist on the Pocket Rocket. I've never skied this so I can't say, but it sounds right from what others have said.

One thing is certain. There is no shortage of good skis. I'm sure you will find something that excites you.

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Rossi B2 or Head IM75 would be my choice as well.
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