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Want to Get in Shape for Skiing? Want to Improve Your Turning Skills?

This is the “Classic” model and comes with the “Classic Parallel” footbed and poles. I’ve used this machine for years to get in shape and stay in shape for skiing and ski like an expert. Regular use of this machine meant my legs weren’t holding me back anymore. I’m only selling it because I traded up to a more expensive and difficult machine.

If you’re a beginner, intermediate or anything but an advanced expert skier, the “Classic” is a fun way to improve your skiing when you can’t spend the day on the slope. Over 50,000 of this model have been sold.
(Burns 810-1,125 calories an hour, as if you needed to worry about your calories.)

Save get this great exercise machine for a total cost of $600 plus shipping and start feeling and skiing better. I'm located in CT and local pickup is an option.

For more information email Charlie at:

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