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HELP!! Plug boot

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I have a fairly large foot, size 14 street shoe, and presently have a lange plug which I find to be too soft for me and a bit too upright. Anyways, any suggestions on getting a stiff boot with more forward lean? I am 6'4, 240 and an experienced racer, just looking for some info on brands and plug boots that are available, preferably that I could wear (with some fitting) without tons of pain.
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Dude, how are you squashing your foot into a plug to begin with? I had to stop using my beloved Grand Prix after 15 years when my foot "grew" from a 12 to a 13 (more like muted in part due to the boots. Couldn't find anything out there that I could make work - regardless of how much I drememled or blew them out. Nordica, Tecnica, Rossi (which I believe is the old Lange plug) ... nothing - all way too small.

Finally ended up with the atomic race boots and foam, which I actually love now. If you find a plug you can put your foot in, let alone comfortably, let me know!
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I use a lange...Ive have tried on a dobie 150 which was tight, but I know they have tons of plastic to grind down. With a little fitting and a little bit of pain, I can get into an 11 shell. Warmer days are more fun, not much circulation, but you can beat skiing on a plug, so I ski hurtin' every so often. I am just looking for a different boot; little more stiff and some more forward lean.
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I hear the Dobie is real similar to the old GP's - low volume. Man I ground and blew it out so much there wasn't anymore to grind. I gave up after the third time with frost bite when the doc said one more time and my big toe
"has to go".

I just don't think you're going to find anything even close to fitting - even with a TON of work. However, I'm impressed with the Atomics - not at all a whimpy boot.
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why more forward lean? and what flex is your plug zb, zc, or zi?
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Its a ZC, I just feel like I need some more forward power in my turns...I am killing my shins with forward pressure.
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Originally Posted by jaykato
Its a ZC, I just feel like I need some more forward power in my turns...I am killing my shins with forward pressure.
Do you have the original tongue?
It´s quite low even for smaller skiers than you.
A lot of Lange users change it. The first day I skied in mine (zc as well) I kept assuring myself I needed a better tongue too. Then it settled and I have the shoes as they were.
If I were you I would consider both the tongue and the delta/ramp you ski with.
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Acutally bought a booster strap the other day...worked wonders for my forward lean problem, but made me really notice the high amounts of forward flex.
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Got a Dobie 150, way more forward lean and stiffness than my RL1. Just need to ski on it now...hopefully my problems are solved. Thanks for eveyone's help!!
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You're squashing a size 14 into a Dobie 11 ? Wow, who's working on your boots? I can't imagine you could use it without blowing out the shell in a big big way. I'd also imagine that with your foot in just the shell you're touching front and back ... and then some (a perfect fit ).

I'm still assuming the Dobie 150 plug boot is basically the same as the old GP plug boot. Maybe it's bigger, or they make a bigger size now? (oh please oh please tell me they do!)
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