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Dumb and Dumber...

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Once upon a time two guys agreed to share a room in a hotel. This was great, as it saved a lot of hassle.
Three days before they were due to meet, one of them (who was travelling from a land far, far away) decide to check that the other one had booked the room.
The other one thought that the first had done it.
No room was booked.
The story has a happy ending - there was room at the inn, so mary and joseph didn't have to sleep in the stable.

This is, of course, a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead, is purely factual. No animals were harmed in the making of this, but a fox and a gonzo may have been left with an awkward situation at the start of the ESA.
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it's pretty friggin' uncomfortable in the bed of my truck, 4 sand bags at 80 lbs each take up most of the room and make for a rough sleep
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All's well that ends well.
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This isn't a poll: no flaws allowed in the joinery of a bookmatched pair!

Much to do about nothing
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