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Advancements in Boots

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I am currently skiing a pair of '95 Lange XR9 Boots. I have looked at numerous sites for boots and have really not seen much in the way of advancement.

My boots fit great and perform wonderfully. I ski them without the flex plates that stiffen them. As you may have seen in other posts I am new to shaped skis. With all the advancement in ski's, why not boots? Or, am I missing something??

Also, should i adjust the setup to ski the shaped skis or leave them be? Thanks.
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I'm not familiar with that particular model Lange, but generally boots have not changed anywhere near as much as skis or bindings over the last several years. (Unless it is a rear entry, and I don't believe Lange made a rear entry?)

Normally, I would say if your boots fit great and perform wonderfully (and are not rear entry), I would give them a try with your new skis. I think most of us tend to keep boots much longer than skis if they are "dialed in".

HOWEVER, those boots are almost ten years old; I would recommend that you replace them. One concern with older boots is repair, and the other is general deterioration. Over time, and particularly if you travel away from the shop where you bought them, it might be hard to locate a replacement buckle or heel plate, etc., resulting in more lost ski time than you want to part with. Or, at ten years old, the plastic could deteriorate to the point that the boot could actually fall apart. Also, if your skiing progresses over time, you may find that you are "under-booted", or vice versa.
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I'm still skiing on even older '89ish vintage Lange XRi's. They're waaaayyy packed-out, so I've got all sorts of innovative "inserts" in place to keep them snug.

On their way in a boxy brown truck are a new pair of Lange Comp 120 LF's. So, perhaps in a week or two, I'll dig this thread back up and offer my opinion regarding Lange's advancements since 15 years ago.

Regarding repairs.... my old Langes are built like tanks. You'd have to really hit something hard to damage the boot in any way.

I'll try to remember to repost after I ski next, which unfortunately won't be this weekend most likely :

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Still skiiing on my 93 Sally boot (100 flex) with Superfeet cork footbed. It still fit very well.
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The XR9's were the top race boot Lange made in that year. Actually, it was the boot that Tomba skied.

I have only skied them roughly two dozen days since inception. i also have extra buckles. They were molded to fit me perfectly and I also have a custom foot bed. I think I'll stay with em. I actually don't think they are even broken in.
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Replaced my '03 Lange X0's with 120's this year. The new boots have a bit softer flex but otherwise ski about identical. My feet hurt less with the new boots as the old ones were incredibly packed out and my foot was stabilized via a concoction of pads & boot mods and it was just time to put them to pasture.
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My Kryptons are dramaticly different than my 20+ y/old (design) Flexons.
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If the Lange's are in good shape, and fit you, there is no need to replace them. That design has yet to be surpassed. The new 120's etc. mimic that boot's angles and lower shell shape. Lange's world cup race boots, while they are waaaay stiffer and less user friendly for the average skier, are still that same basic design. They provide most folks with a great balanced stance that worked great with the old skis and works great with the new skis.
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Phil, I remember the Raichle ( spelling? ) Flexon Comps. I grew up near the one of the warehouses/distribution centers in carmel/brewster NY. My buddies worked there and used to give me their employee discount. Mine were black with a red front. Man those boots were great. Used to place in the top 5 consistantly using those boots and the old K2 712's with Tyrolia bindings. After that I was on to the Dynamic VR27SL's and Markers.

I miss those days!!
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The Langes mentioned were great boots. Present RLs are still basically the same boot.
The retail XR9s were a bit higher than later L10s and they might have a bit stiffer in forward flex than the corresponding Pininfarina model.
Why donĀ“t you try new Langes in a shop and see what differences there are?
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No changes at the top.

If you do decide to get new boots because of plastic fatigue worries, you might want to search out the thread on "rotary/non-rotary" boots, something to do with the height of the hinge on the inside versus outside inducing rotary steering input when flexing the ankles.
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I'd keep the XR9s...

...especially since it sounds like you have 'em dialed in. It sounds like you don't have a ton of days in them, so the liners should be good as long as the foam hasn't broken down. It's great that you have extra buckles, but they really are fact, back then, I used to "graft" Lange XR-series buckles to other boots (especially Nordica's 9-series) for skiiers looking for better durability after run-ins with slalom gates. Sporting Lange buckles on a Nordica, Technica, Caber or other boot was a popular "hop-up". As others have already said, at the top-end, Lange has stayed very true to their previous designs.

I loved the XR9...I skied them for four years, first in the original blue then in the purple/grayish metallic version. Back then, I was running gates on the weekends and I was, at various times, racing on Elan Comprex S with Geze bindings, Dynastar Coupe S9 and the vaunted (and very scary!) K2 VO Slalom both with Marker MRR bindings. Have to say, back then, ski racing was AWESOME...Marc Giardelli, Alberto Tomba, Pirmin Zurbriggen, Kjetil Andre Aamodt and Tommy Moe during the 1994 Olympics...those definately were the days! It's great to see Bode doing so well now, though.

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I have a question regarding adjusting forward flex and stiffness.
I have an old pair of Lange XR9's - old but nice boots.
I need advice on how to adjust the forward flex - is the plate on the back ment to be turned upside down to go from 'Min. to Max'? What about the screws?
I've tried on some 130's and 120's but prefer the feel of the XR9's and want to max out the stiffness
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General observation:

Ten- (or 13-) year old Lange boots age better than three-year-old threads.

I'll confess to a hint of curiosity as to whether the OP still has those boots, though since he hasn't posted since 1/21/05, we probably won't find out.
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I finally threw my old 5 buckle (not all of them the same brand), foam injected, cuff riveted, grey and black Koflach Super Comps, vintage circa '85, in the bin last month! Anyone else remember these? I seem to remember Harti Wierather winning the DH worlds on these waaaay back when. I tend to run a couple of pairs of boots at the same time to ease the transition beteewn old and new. Had a pair of Lange XLR's a la the Mahre twins but didnt have a lot of luck with the fit and I dont think the design has changed a hell of a lot since then. ( please shoot me down in flames if needed ). Right on, Out Of Bounds. I raced on Dynastar Course SL's for a couple of seasons and was using the old Salomon SX90 Equipe when Girardelli was almost the only guy racing in a rear entry boot. Happy days indeed:
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I live in terror of the day when I'll have to abandon my Nordica K9.1s. I talked my friend into giving me his old pair as a backup, and then I bought another pair officially half a size smaller, but same shell size. So I've got three shells.

Then I had Nordica make me a new liner for EU75, so I've got a new liner to share between the shells. Shell 1 is missing a bolt, so it's become my backup/backup. Bought replacement bolts but they just won't stick.

Shell 2 is OK, but pretty worn down on the sole. Using those this season, since our hill has a mandatory concrete tunnel walk for offpiste at the moment. Have to preserve the soles of Shell 3. And I never, ever walk on the road in any of them, always carry them to the lift and boot up there. Must be the only person in Italy who does that, get some strange looks.

I can feel the difference from shell to shell when it's warm out; the newest shell is definitely stiffer. But I really like these boots, after having suffered with foot pain for years using other models.
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Originally Posted by Old School SL View Post
I finally threw my old 5 buckle (not all of them the same brand), foam injected, cuff riveted, grey and black Koflach Super Comps, vintage circa '85, in the bin last month! Anyone else remember these?
Vaguely, Not being a profesional racer and being kind of light I went with these, back in the day.

with the VIP Foam liners, which were so hard they rendered all the adjustments non-functional

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I've notice three big changes with boots over the past decade. The biggest is they are getting lighter. The second is the liners are getting warmer and do a better job wicking away moisture. The last is they are getting easier to get in and out of. All in all today's boots are more comfortable but I haven't seen any significant improvements in performance.
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I finally passed my XR9s on to a friend (hey, they were/are great boots ... hope I'm not gonna miss them) and got a pair of Garmont G1 130s!

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