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Stockli Snake

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Has anyone tried this ski? There is a review or two about it online, but was wondering if any of you had tried it. They have a demo at a ski shop near my area, but my area is MRG and unless we get 3 feet of snow in the next week or two the guy wont let me take them out. Frankly I cannot blame him considering the abuse I put my skis through on a regular basis. Anyway, has anyone tried this ski?

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Haven't tried it, but it sure looks sweet. I like the metal caps on both tips.
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Haven't tried it yet, but it is supposed to be very nice. Stockli is a very well regarded brand for making hand-crafted skis. I haven't been able to find these for less than $750 anywhere. Stockli designed it as a park ski, but the reports on the web say it's a great all-mountain ride.
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The ski shop I speak of is selling them for 650. I am looking at the Elan m777 another hard to find ski and those are sold at a shop near me for 599. If this comes down to the 50 bucks it is hard not to be lured by the awesome look of this ski and the rep of Stockli.

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I skied with a guy in Switzerland 2 weeks ago, and he had a pair. He loved them!
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i recently spent 2 weeks in switzerland. the bindings of the skis i had rented at home in germany fell apart, so i was able to rent skis for the rest of the time on the cost of my german ski shop. as i was located slopeside mid-mountain, there was only one chance to rent ski. a stockli test center...the best thing that could possibly have happened. most of the time i took the snake 170. i am 6'3 160lbs, powerful skier who likes to go fast. no freestyler at all. if i had the money, i would buy these boards for sure. they have a nice float in powder and perform pretty forgiving there. they have a nice soft flex, even torsionally, especially in the tip. so they give a smooth ride in crap, and don't accidentally catch an edge. so far so good. what surprised me an my buddies was their perfomance on hardpacked grommers and even ice. this ski really holds an edge, and carves in nice super-g turns once you know how to. slopes became pretty icy during my stay, and i didn't feel much less safe on the snakes than on the stöckli laser slalom, which are the best ice-skis i have so far used. well, you can't make super-small radius turns on the snake
without some amount of side-skipping. in bigger turns however, it really carves well and doesn't really chatter even at high speeds. all in all the most fun ski i have ever skied. one drawback though: the edge appears to be pretty thin, so don't expect to get 10 seasons out of it. but given the soft flex, that wouldn't work anyway. did i mention the base is fast? damn, what a ski.
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Talk about timing...

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...8990 338&rd=1

But that's too much ski for me. I'd want it in a 170cm.
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I ski for a Stockli rep in our area and The Snake is a great ski. It can handle anything you throw at it. Ice, cut-up crud, whatever. But to be true-blue it's not the ski for me. I like Slalom skis. If your interested in Stockli's PM me and I'll see if we can get you a deal.
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