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Panorama BC

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Any feedback from folks who have spent some time at Panorama? I'm looking at a family vacation there, late march.
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Storms have shut highways today

I'm out there January 28th to 30th and will report back. The whole area is currently getting a mixture of heavy snow dumps, freezing rain, avalanches, and generally foul winter weather that has shut all the highways from Sicamous in the west to Lake Louise/Castle Junction in Alberta extending as far south as Canal Flats in the Columbia/Kootenay valley. Hopefully the highways will be open by next weekend. All that powder and no way to get to it.....
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Originally Posted by routlirh
Any feedback from folks who have spent some time at Panorama? I'm looking at a family vacation there, late march.
Panorama is a great family resort. having the accomadations on the hill means if it's cold or someone gets wet, then it's a easy trip to the room. Kitchenettes save money like crazy on the food side.

They have a HUGE great outdoor hot tub plus another 14 scattered around the resort. Tubing and night skiing.

I would 100% reccomend Panorama as a family destination. the spring skiing can be a little sketchy though if they get warm weather the snow disappears quickly but they get lots of base over the year and are able to keep alot of the hill open even when certain runs are closed due to no coverage. My advice go Early March rather than later. Better yet go late February

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I wasn't going to say anything but for various reasons I've decided I don't owe anyone favours. My sister was out for a race series with my nephew a couple of years ago and I went and stayed a couple of days. She quite enjoyed it and found it very convenient.

More recently I have been down there twice this season and not been impressed. The first night I was kept up all night with partying outside in my hall. Calls to security had an impact for about 15 minutes and they moved right back into the hall. Crushed beer cans adorned the hall in the morning. The next day I was out at 7:30 and not back to my room until 6:30. The housekeeper had propped my door open using the dead bolt and LEFT IT LIKE THAT! Most of the day my room was wide open with my laptop and ski boots inside and party crowd on my floor on the outside.

The next morning again beer cans in the hall and elevator. I went for breakfast and came back an 1.5 later. Beer cans were still there but most amazingly I got on the elevator with a staff member complete with name tag who seemed oblivious to the cans until I brought them up when he then stooped down to pick them up. On check out I was assured these matters would be passed to management but no 'we're so sorry what can we do to make it up to you'.

That weekend it also rained harder than I'd ever seen it rain while on a ski hill (I've lived in Whistler BTW). The weekend previous it apparently also rained like that. I can only imagine this week how much rain they're getting which just seems to be the kind of season they're having.

I have heard similar complaints about loud partying from this season. Judge family resort your own way. As for terrain they have some great fall line groomed skiing but at New Years some of the best runs still weren't open. Tayton bowl is OK terrain but not that stellar, often lacks snow and has a brutally long traverse to get out of there.

I've enjoyed Panorama in years gone by but what I've seen there recently I can't really recommend it to anyone especially a family.

I'd be more inclined to Silver Star myself.
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Originally Posted by L7
I have heard similar complaints about loud partying from this season. Judge family resort your own way.
wow, now thats not a good experiance, although I remember being one of those little bastards partying like there is no tommorow and beer cans and women and..... ok maybe I said too much. lol

I would send them a real mailed letter telling them exactly what your experiance was like. If and "IF" Panorama is still as good as they used to be I can bet you will get a free night/ pass and meal.

Not sure if you can ever prevent the party problem no matter where you go, but security is supposed to resolve those problems and that is where the weight of the issue lie's. I remember getting the Panorama security extremely drunk at one of my room parties. Great way to not get kicked out, bribe the guy who is supposed to kick you out. I think I said too much again.

bummer on the rain too, ouch that has to hurt considering their short season at that hill.

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I forgot to mention the new year's experience hanging on the new Quad at the end of the day for 40 minutes in -24C. Kept trying to run us off at low speed and one guy on a sled going top to bottom like he kept forgetting his tools or something. Half hour of this and they FINALLY decide to start warming up the diesel back up motor. Diesels take some time to reach operating temperature in those conditions. All the while they kept loading behind us as well. You wondered if they couldn't afford radioes or wouldn't pay 2 competent lift mechanics so one poor guy had to go up and down.

Went in to try and thaw and going by the customer service desk mentioned the ordeal and the girl just nodded she had heard. At Lake Louise they at least give a hot chocolate voucher for god sakes. That's about as cheap as you could be or so I thought. I guess a fat nothing is a few steps beyond. I really feel they just don't get it.

The noise thing was real tedious especially given the 11 hour work day followed by a 3+hour drive and 7:00am wake up. But it was the leaving my room door open all day that really frosted some parts. Has anyone ever had that happen at any hotel stay? It was a first for me.
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Originally Posted by L7
Has anyone ever had that happen at any hotel stay? It was a first for me.
Unfortunately yes. I was at a business hotel somewhere here in the U.S.--I forget where. I went to my room and found the door wide open, with no one in it. I complained to the front des, and was told that maids must keep the doors open while they're in there for "security reasons"--in other words, so they don't go snooping around in guests' stuff. But clearly the person cleaning my room had run off to fetch something or take a break. I knew she was coming back because the room wasn't clean yet. But like you, there was all my stuff for anyone who walked by to see.
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hey Chickadee, I don't have your email with me but I'll send when i get home. Skiing here is holding up fine if you're worried. The bottom of Sunshine's ski out took a beating and parts are slushy/frozen down low but lots of new snow that didn't go anywhere. Last night cooled off as well.
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Thanks, L7. Nope, not worried. Don't forget: I'm used to conditions in the east. Anything better is a bonus.
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