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tecnica icon alu

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hi !
i got the tecnica icon x mp290..
and i am a great fan of those.
now i can get a icon alu COMP for a reasonable price but can not try it on.

does somebody know if the fit is the same compared to icon x series ???
Are the icon alu comps narrower than the normal icon alus ??

thanks for any info !!

PS: I dont like the diablo series that much
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The lower shell of these two boots are from the same mold, so the fit is very simmilar. The differences are in the liner, cuff and stiffness of the boot. The alu has a better liner, the cuff is rapid access (it is hinged so that it closes better around the lower leg), and it is about 15% stiffer.
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wow quick answer ! thanks !
I know that the cuff/hinge is different.
Basically if they are from the same mold they should fit my feet perfect again.

and the comp is just stiffer, not narrower....right ? well i´l l get em and try them out....
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